6 Types of Gutter Guards: What Are Their Advantages?


Types of Gutter Guards 3

If you’re sick of gunk getting in your gutters and clogging them, you may feel the time has come to look into gutter guards. They’re affordable, and when the time comes to sell your home, many potential buyers will be glad they are there. You will also find that there are several varieties.

A company like Primo roofing repair can install gutter guards for you, but before you contact them, you should decide which kind makes the most sense for your situation. We’ll run through the different types you can get right now, and we’ll also talk about the best features of each one.

Surface Tension or Reverse Curve Guards

This kind of gutter guard channels water through your gutter system in a very controlled way. It also allows any debris the gutter catches to slide easily down it.

The best thing about it is that it’s quite effective at blocking larger debris. If you live close to some trees and lots of leaves fall on your roof in the late fall, consider this guard version.

Types of Gutter Guards 2

Foam Guards

Foam guards are a variety that sits in the gutter itself instead of being fixed over it. It keeps debris out pretty well, and it also lets water run through it unimpeded.

This kind requires more maintenance than some others. They are generally one of the cheaper varieties, though, and that might appeal to some homeowners.

Micro-Mesh Guards

This is one of the more popular kinds you’ll find. The micro-mesh guard blocks leaves from entering the gutter. It has many small, fine holes in it.

These guards are some of the best around because they block nearly all debris, both large and small. Expect to pay a higher price tag for this one, though.

Mesh Guards

Mesh guards are like micro-mesh ones, but the holes are not as small and fine. They keep debris out of gutters pretty well, but they might allow a little bit of particulate matter through.

They are one of the higher-cost guards as well, though you will likely not pay quite as much for them as you would for the micro-mesh variety.

Brush Guards

You don’t see this kind as often as mesh or micro-mesh guards, but they do have their selling points. With this kind, you have a sort of brush that’s inserted by the installer directly into your gutter.

The bristles are set up in such a way that water can flow, but the debris is blocked. If you have squirrels that like to drop nuts and nut pieces on your roof, this might be the way to go.

Types of Gutter Guards 1

Screen Guards

Screen guards are the final variety. This kind essentially splits the difference between blocking larger and smaller debris. They are typically priced somewhere in the middle between a micro-mesh guard and a foam guard.

You can look over each of these options and check their price points and features, but it will also be helpful to get the opinion of a gutter guard installer.

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