6 Tips to Consider When Replacing The Roof On Your Home

One of the most home improvement expenses is a roof replacement and can cost anything from $5000 to $10000 or more. The cost for a roof replacement is contingent on the area where you reside, the roof materials that is used as well whether you have additional improvements that must be carried out in conjunction with the roof replacement. Check out these useful steps that you can take before taking on a roof replacement.

Order an inspection

It may not always be possible to determine precisely what is amiss with your roof unless the issue is obvious. You might have a few tiles missing due to strong winds or you have a leak somewhere. Often times these signs only reveal a minor part of the entire issue. To get an accurate assessment, it is recommended to hire a roof inspector to perform a proper inspection. A roof inspection can reveal whether you require a roof replacement or merely need to have repairs done. An experienced roofing contractor can also assist you with an inspection, however if you order the inspection through a roof inspector, you can be certain that the assessment is unbiased and not just in the interest of the roof contractor who is trying to sell you a new roof.
Order an inspection

Making A Decision About Repairing Or Replacing The Roof

Depending on whether you have warranty coverage, you must work out how close the roof is to reach the end of its life. The roof inspector can help you with this information or the details of your warranty. If the cost of repairs is moderately inexpensive and your roof still has a good ten or fifteen life expectancy, then it is worth opting for repairs instead of replacement. An experienced roofing contractor like Lift Construction can offer you with a quote on possible repairs or replacement.


If the roof was purchased a short while ago, then it’s worth looking into whether it is still under warranty. This information would have been provided when the house was purchased. If it’s not the case, then your best option would be to contact the people from whom you’ve purchased the home or inspect the repair records, if possible. You can also find out about your local bylaws from the housing association. For instance, in townhouse communities, roof replacements are often covered by the housing association.

Obtain More Than One Quote

Avoid getting just one quote and instead get at least three quotes from different roofing contractors. The roofing inspector can also offer recommendations. You can also inquire from colleagues or friends, neighbors and relatives.
Obtain More Than One Quote

Review Financing Choices

As mentioned before, roof replacement is an expensive project and not everyone has funds on hand to cover the costs. Various roof companies have some type of financing available to clients, either through a financial partner or in-house. You can also pay for the repairs with your credit card, however if you don’t want to borrow money, then it may be best to plan ahead and save to pay cash for it. However, if the roof replacement is crucial, then saving might not be the suitable choice.

Deciding On Roofing Materials

There is not a set rule that says you have to stick to the same materials. It is always worth looking into which materials would be the best option for the area where you live. Remember, installing solar panels can help you qualify for tax breaks or incentive grants, plus it will boost the value of your home.

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