6 Steps of the Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage is a common challenge homeowners face in the United States. Even if you are covered by a insurance, water damage can cause a lot of stress as well as damage, which is why it would benefit you into looking for plumber to help resolve any plumbing issues you may have around the home.

Some homeowners have been able to handle the water damage in their home so well that there is no sign that the home was once flooded. However, others have not been able to handle it so well.

While every case of water damage is unique, they all require certain basic steps of solution. With the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to restore your home to its pre-flooded form, if not better.

1. Alert Water Emergency Experts

Water Emergency Experts

It is important to call water emergency experts first as they will guide you on the first things to do. Depending on the kind of advice and instruction you get, it is necessary to remove household items that can be damaged by water like your chairs, rug, clothes, and other items.

In case your surrounding is also flooded, you may have to suspend some of the things above the water level. The more they stay in water, the more they get damaged. When you call the experts, they will not only guide you on what to do, they will also guide you on how to do them effectively. In addition, some employees will be sent over to help you and to also assess the situation.

2. Inspection and Assessment of the Damage

Inspection and Assessment of the Damage
Experts will come over to inspect your flooded home and also assess the level of damage. This is very important. It is the areas affected and the level of damage that will determine the best action plan to effectively restore your home. Even if you have been paying a local insurance broker, having water damage repaired may still cause quite a bit of stress to your family!

To hasten the process, you can get the email address of the particular expert you have called. Get the footage of all the affected areas of your home and send the video to them via email. This will give them a better idea even before they come for assessment. They will come up with an action plan faster.

3. Extraction or Removal of Water

Removal of Water
In all cases of flooded homes, what usually comes after inspection and assessment is water removal service. The water has to be removed or extracted completely first before another step is taken. Depending on the volume of water to removed, vacuums or powerful water pumps may be used.
This is why it is better to send them a well-taken footage of the situation via email. It will help them decide on the kind of water extraction tools required for the job.

4. Drying and Dehumidification

Water in certain areas may be difficult to access. This is why specialized drying tools are needed to dry those areas. Only professionals will have the necessary tools to carry out this task properly. It is also important to dehumidify your home after drying. In fact, both of them are usually carried out simultaneously for faster and better results.

Not only the apartment needs to by dried and dehumidified, all the wet or water-logged items like your rug, need to be dried and dehumidified too.

5. Cleaning and Sanitization

It is important to clean all the affected items. Reliable water damage companies usually have great techniques for cleaning water damaged tools. The biggest problem with water damage is the growth of mold. So, you need to ensure your home is properly sanitized to prevent the growth mold.

6. Full Restoration

The final step is to restore your business or home to its previous condition. This sometimes includes carrying out minor renovations like the replacement of drywall panels or the repainting of certain parts of the home.

The faster you respond to water damage the less the damage and the less the amount of renovation it will require.

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