6 Inspiring Tips For Updating Your Kitchen’s Look

Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen’s look soon? Now is the perfect time to do so. Kitchen design rework is an exciting project that you can do even though you have a tight budget to work with. You don’t have to spend much remodeling it – you can start with one aspect and move to another soon after to not blow a hole out of your pockets. 

In proceeding with a kitchen look update, you’ll need then to have the right vision of what you want your kitchen space to look after the home improvement project. But if you don’t have any idea where to start, here are some inspiring tips to help you remodel your kitchen: 

1. Add A Brick Backsplash

In the event that you find the wall behind your kitchen countertops plain or boring, you may add a brick backsplash to amp it up. This hard covering has functional and decorative uses. You can use it to protect your wall from possible damage since the covering is thick and hard. 

They may look like real bricks, but brick backsplashes aren’t made from actual extruded brick. You can choose one with a classic, solid look for aesthetic purposes. If you want other upgraded looks, you may search for details published online. From there, you can add a rustic fixture to create an industrial look. Or you can even create a unique layout or fill all your kitchen walls.

2. Place Useful And Aesthetically-pleasing Textiles

Soften the kitchen’s hard surfaces by adding fabrics. Besides, textiles can also add some depth and functionality. For instance, you can prevent slippery floors and extend the kitchen’s space when you lay down a runner in the area between the island and sink. 

In addition, you can utilize textiles for decorative purposes. You can add decorative flair with some tea towels or pot holders, while Roman shades or curtains provide privacy and diffuse light. 

As for the patterns or colors, you can choose those that resonate with your personality or go for the ones that can enhance the motif of your kitchen. Go for bright patterns or bold colors. These can then add accents that you can easily change whenever you feel like it. 

3. Update Your Kitchen’s Countertop

Another step you can take is to check your countertop and renew its look. If it’s made out of a solid or stone surface, you can turn it into wood or laminate vice versa. You can choose one that can complement your brick backsplash as well.

4. Renew Your Kitchen Cabinetry’s Color

It’s advised to choose white cabinetry when updating your kitchen’s look. The said color could make your space appear brighter and bigger, although the color is simple. Plus, it’s a timeless color as white is believed to be everlasting even when bolder colors became more popular over the past years. 

Moreover, white cabinetry isn’t only classic, but it’s also a design where you can easily add textures as a company. As mentioned, you can add textiles, backsplashes, and colored countertops as accents. You can easily add accent shades on your cabinets too if you don’t prefer a minimalist vibe. 


5. Replace Old Lighting Fixtures

There are a lot of perceived benefits that come with updating your kitchen’s lighting fixtures. Simply changing your kitchen space’s lighting can maximize visibility and add a more modern look to the area. As an added bonus, you can choose from various lighting fixtures that can address your needs. 

For example, brighten and liven up your kitchen by adding under-cabinet lighting or task lights. These can illuminate spots that your ceiling lighting can’t reach. What’s even great about these lighting fixtures is that they’re inexpensive and easy to install. 

If you want your lighting fixtures to use little to no energy, go for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting choices. In addition, it’s said that this type of lighting can last longer and emit less heat than incandescent bulbs – making them a popular choice for homeowners and builders. 

6. Add A Coffee Bar Spot

Instead of letting an awkward space sit in your kitchen unused, you may want to turn it into a coffee bar. This is a useful addition if you love to entertain guests often. To complete it, add lighted shelving, fridge, and sink components.

As an alternative, you can reorganize a space in your kitchen where you can place your coffee-making paraphernalia such as coffee grounds, filters, a cabinet for mugs, and your coffee machine. 


Making your kitchen look brand new doesn’t require complete renovation. Sometimes adding some textures, adding new colors, and introducing a handful of easy-to-do improvement projects can do the trick. Replace old fixtures with new ones to enhance your kitchen’s look too. To further help you out, try out the inspiring tips mentioned above and transform your kitchen into a beautiful space in no time.

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