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We can’t deny the importance of cleanliness in our lives, but we tend to get carried away by other tasks that needs to be taken care of. Our health has high dependency on having a clean environment. A bad environment could be the sole reason for bad health as dirt and disease go hand in hand. We here at Summerhill Clean care about your environment.

What we do different from other cleaning services?

  • Insured, Bonded & WSIB registered – We provide insurance coverage in the event of a safety issue or property damage. Up to $5 Million in liability insurance and registered with WSIB. This gives complete control over of damage in your hands. We have also made sure that they are trained for performing CPR on-site, an individual at your home will be carrying the required First Aid as well.
  • Professional House Help – Our cleaners are vaccinated, we do a background check on them for criminal records, credit card frauds etc. We have verified their ID as well. We make sure they are completely covered with masks, hairnets, disposable shoe covers, gloves. You need to sacrifice safety if you choose us.
  • Quality Assurance – Moving can be hectic and will take a real toll on your peace of mind. The least we could do to make the procedure hassle free would be us boxing them and unboxing them neatly. At the end of any move in cleaning services we make sure to use a flash light to guarantee the place is spic and span.

What kind of cleaning services do we offer?

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  • Condo/Apartment Cleaning – This is one of the most popular package we have ever since covid. People find it very difficult to find responsible and healthy cleaners these days, and that’s exactly what we like to offer. If you use our regular condo Cleaning Services Waterloo you will notice a definite shift in your time management, as you would have time and energy to do more productive work. Rarely people enjoy cleaning and that’s why its completely okay for you to outsource this task. We ensure to keep your surrounding clean and healthy in order to make your life easier. You can request for this cleaning service at a very menial cost.
  • Move-In Cleaning service – Moving in is one of the most tedious task, we the people at summery hill try our best to leave your home sparking clean instead of living off of someone else’s remaining dirt. Our package for move-in includes every component of your house. The pricing is dependent on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc in your new home. We have 2 options under the move-in cleaning service detailed clean is for when you want only the priorities to be covered and elite clean is for when you want every detail to be covered. We offer add-ons as well in case you need a little extra cleaning for carpets or attics.
  • Deep Cleaning – This is different from regular cleaning as regular cleaning is only done for over the top kind of surfaces to make space for our daily routine, could be cleaning the kitchen counter or throwing out the garbage. Deep cleaning on the other side is more associated with the dirt stuck in the cracks and crevices, or awkward places in the house that’s a little too difficult to reach into, could be under the couch or bed or a cupboard. In our Deep cleaning package, we include a set of services within the washroom, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Please contact us for further information on a detailed explanation of what will be included.

For any further clarification please mail us at [email protected] or ring in this number (519) 590 – 5290. Please do visit our website for any further information.

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