6 Innovative Tech Items That Will Modernize Your Bathroom

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, including our homes. There are devices for every room of the house, including the bathroom. Bathroom tech has grown tremendously in the past few years, and fascinating things are happening in space. 

The technology allows homeowners to turn their bathrooms into luxurious rooms like never seen before. Bathroom renovations can significantly improve how much a house is worth. However, technological innovations are also making bathrooms more functional and modern. You need to know which tech gadgets to put in your bathroom if you want to modernize it.

The following are six innovative tech items for your bathroom: 

  • LED Bathroom Mirrors

Have you ever looked at your bathroom mirror and thought you wished it had some lighting. You may have installed some illumination, but it still wasn’t good enough. Worry no more, as LED bathroom mirrors will solve that problem. These bathroom mirrors use LED lighting to backlight the mirror, which has a much better lighting effect. It would be best if you had electricity to operate the mirrors, which will not increase your electricity bill since LED lights are the most energy-efficient lights you will find.

One outstanding characteristic of LED bathroom mirrors is that they have many designs. You can choose whichever LED bathroom mirror design you feel is most suitable for your bathroom. LED bathroom mirrors are pretty affordable, making them an excellent option for anyone looking to modernize their bathroom on a budget. If you consider a sleek, energy-efficient transformation of your bathroom, LED lights are definitely worth your consideration. 

  • Self Cleaning Toilet

If you like a clean toilet without the displeasure of having to do it yourself or employing someone to do so, you should consider getting a self-cleaning toilet. It is an incredible piece of bathroom technology that will make your bathroom very modern and advanced. 

The self-cleaning toilet is fitted with antimicrobial seats, which ensure the toilet seat is immaculate any time you want to use the restroom. Long gone are the days when you had to put wet wipes in the bathroom to wipe down the seats before sitting down on them. The toilets also have a cleaning cycle which you can set according to your preferences. The toilet will also pressure wash the bowl, removing germs whenever you flush it. 

Moreover, most self-cleaning toilets have a deep cleaning option that conclusively cleans the toilet more than if you were only to flush it. The seat is also automated and will rise and fall automatically, which is excellent for anyone who does not want to touch toilet seats. 

  • UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Most people consider their toothbrushes one of the cleanest items in their homes. After all, you use it to clean your mouth, one of the most sacred body parts. However, your toothbrush harbors a world of bacteria and carries more germs than most people can imagine. It is unsettling to think about putting such a tool into your mouth, but an ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizer can help relieve you of that worry. 

Germs and bacteria live in a warm and humid environment which is what your toothbrush offers even after washing it with hot water and air drying it. However, ultraviolet rays will kill them, making a UV toothbrush sanitizer perfect for the modern bathroom. You need to expose the toothbrush to the sanitizer for six minutes. The sanitizer also has an LED light that will alert you when it needs batteries.

Bathroom 2


  • Bathroom Face Recognition System

With the prevalence of smartphones, face recognition technology has become normal to us. Why not incorporate it into your bathroom to make it more modern. A bathroom face recognition system can be an incredible addition to a modern bathroom, especially if you live in a household with several people. If you have ever lived with other people, you know how inconvenient sharing a bathroom can be. 

Everyone in the house can input personal settings into the system so it recognizes them and can have a personal bathroom experience. The face recognition system will remember the settings and automatically apply them whenever it recognizes someone’s face. Not only will a bathroom face recognition system make your bathroom more modern, but it will also enhance everyone’s bathroom experience. 

  • Spa Bath

If you have ever wanted to take a bath in the comfort of your own home but felt like you were at a spa, look no further. The spa bath is the ideal high-tech bathroom tech device and will transform your bathing experience. There are many spa baths on the market, but Kohler’s is the standout one. Kohler’s Infinity Experience Freestanding Bath is a wonder to behold and to use. It has LED lighting and produces relaxing fog modeled after Japanese hot springs.

A spa bath has customizable settings so you can adjust the temperature of your bath. It also has whirlpools that are very relaxing hence creating a spa-like experience. With the right environment, the spa bath will take your bath to a new level and make your bathroom appear like a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie. 

  • Smart Faucets

One of the simplest high-tech gadgets you can install into your bathroom to make it appear more modern; is the faucet. Long gone are the days when you had to turn your faucet on and off to use it. There are currently advanced smart faucets that have sensors. When you pass your hand below them or put them under the tap, they activate and release water. When they sense no hand is under the faucet, they automatically turn themselves off and stop pouring water. 

There are also smart faucets with timers that you can set a time for which they can run. Such innovative faucets are excellent as they reduce the chance of damaging them from overuse or using too much force. They also help reduce the amount of water you use at home and reduce the water bill

Modern bathrooms include many technological gadgets, and you are only getting started. There are many tech items you can put into a bathroom to modernize it, and the six above should give you an idea of what is possible. Feel free to examine various ideas and turn your bathroom into a modern wonder. 

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