6 Conversation Starters To Get To Know Someone Better


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Not everybody is a good conversationalist. For some, it just doesn’t come naturally. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn how to start and hold conversations with people.

With the world opening up again and bars, restaurants, and clubs open for business, there’s never been a better time to learn how to talk to people. If you’re going to go out and meet new people, make sure that you respect their boundaries and social distance if necessary.

This article will go over six conversation starters that you can use to initiate a conversation and get to know somebody better.


If you’re really uncomfortable with starting conversations with people, then you could consider seeing a coach. If you need help creating togetherness, making friends, or getting out into the community, a coach will be able to talk you through everything that you need to do. They’ll also help you to overcome any insecurities or anxieties that you have about approaching new people.

Coaching can be done online or offline. It’s not usually expensive, and it’s a great way to learn social skills. Coaching is needed now more than ever before. We’ve all been isolated in our homes for over a year, so most of us have forgotten how to communicate effectively.  

1) Talk About the Weather

One of the best ways to start a conversation with another person is to talk about the weather. This usually doesn’t work in nightclubs and bars, however. This conversation starter can only be used outdoors. If the weather’s overcast, sunny, or raining, making a comment on the weather is a great way to start talking to somebody. It’s a shared experience that you and the other person can discuss. It’s a good way to open the door for further conversation.

When you have engaged the person in conversation, subtly change the subject. You won’t be able to hold a conversation for long if all you talk about is the weather.

2) Ask for Information

Asking somebody for information is another good way to start a conversation, particularly if you and the other person are both attending an event together. There are lots of things that you can ask for information about, even if you don’t really care about the answer. Most people like to be helpful, so you’re almost guaranteed to get a positive response (unless they’re having a really bad day!) You can also ask a person for the time or for directions.

When you’re asking for information, don’t ask the person anything personal. This can be very intrusive and make the person uncomfortable.

3) Ask for Help

Asking people for help is a fantastic way to start a conversation and to make a person feel good about themselves. Make sure that you don’t ask for too much, however. This can be very irritating, especially if the person doesn’t know you.

Another way to start a conversation is to offer assistance. It’s a great way to show that chivalry isn’t dead and to extend a helping hand. However, you should try not to appear intrusive or to go over the top. If somebody doesn’t appear to be struggling then you might annoy them by intruding and asking them if they need help.

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4) Share Your Opinion

If you’re attending an event or just happen to overhear somebody’s conversation, offering your opinion is a great way to start a conversation, particularly if they hold the same opinion as you. If they don’t, it might be a bad idea to share your opinion. You could start an argument! Try to avoid controversial subjects also.

If there are a group of people talking, then they might think you’re strange if you walk up to them and start offering your opinion. Instead, save it for one or two people. Don’t interrupt conversations, either, as this can be perceived as rude.

5) Aren’t You John’s Friend?

Another good way to start a conversation is to mention a mutual friend. If you notice somebody who is in the same friendship circles as you, you can ignite a friendship by approaching them and starting a conversation with them.

People will think of you as someone they know or somebody they should know if you mention mutual friends to them. This is particularly true if they are close with somebody that is a very good friend of yours. You must make sure that the person is on good terms with your mutual friend, however. If they’re not, then they might not talk to you.

6) Compliment the Person

Another fantastic way to approach somebody, especially if you have a crush on them, is to compliment them. When you compliment them, make sure you’re polite and you don’t comment on anything inappropriate, such as their body. Instead, compliment their clothes, accessories, hair, or beauty. 

Getting to know somebody doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s important to maintain social distance and not to cross people’s boundaries when you are talking to them. Out of respect wear a mask, even if the government doesn’t require you to legally anymore.

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