Water Damage – The Most Complicated Home Improvement Project?


Water Damage1

When you do any home improvement project, what is the most common sector you work on every time? Which sector needs repair works the most? Or, which sector costs you the most money?

Undoubtedly, the water sector. The water sector is the most common sector that needs to be touched during every home improvement project. Because, either waterway get broken easily, or they end up damaging other parts of the house easily! Moreover, repairing these costs a big chunk of the overall expenditure!

Here, we will discuss this topic in 2 phases. Firstly, we will discuss how to prevent water damages from taking place. And secondly, we will try to discuss how to repair water damages.

 Firstly, let’s talk about some projects that can prevent water damage in the very first place:

Water Damage2

  • Gutter Replacements: If you suspect any gutter leaking water and creating potential damage to your property, you should call out a professional and replace the gutter if needed. Improperly placed gutters or poor functioning gutters can direct water towards walls causing water damage.
  • Gutter Protection: Gutters themselves need protection as they are the most exposed area of the roof. If a gutter itself gets damaged, no wonder it will damage your house. Installing gutter protection is a wise decision!
  • Water Filtration System: There are water filters that aren’t durable enough and overflow very easily. It is wise to install water filters that have a self-flood prevention system built-in, like the MMP 11 water filterThis function allows the system to trigger an automatic shutoff if needed.
  • Improve Home Foundation Protection: When a flood occurs, it damages the foundation of your house straight away. In this case, improving the slope outside the house can help. Also, adding barriers like boulders or artificial hills around the yard can stop the floodwater from reaching the foundation.0

Now, these can help prevent water damages in the first place. But, if water damage somehow occurs,.,n you need to repair them ASAP! Otherwise, it will lead to other serious problems in no time; which leads us to the second part of the discussion. Let’s take a look at how we can repair water damages:

  • Gauge the Type of Damage: Clean, gray, and black water – these three are the most common water damages to watch out for! 
  • Clean water comes from rain or leaking pipes. This may not cause significant damage. 
  • Gray water comes from dishwashers, washing machines, water filters, toilets, etc. This water causes contamination issues.
  • The most problematic is the black water which potentially comes from sewage lines! Plenty of bacteria, contamination, waste, and odor come as a bonus!

Water Damage3

The repair cost for these costs from as low as USD. 3.75 per sq ft with clean water up to USD. 7 per sq ft with black water. Call out the professionals right away!

  • Check for Mold and Dry it out: If you see any mold, try to start the drying process right away! Waiting for as low as 24 hours is enough for the mold to grow and spread all around! Don’t try to do it on your own. This home improvement process requires expertise from the professionals, otherwise, it may cause more damage!
  • Remove the damaged items: After cleaning out the molds, remove all the parts that have been damaged. Because, the damaged parts don’t function entirely, and may cause potential leakages which will lead to more damages! Also, don’t forget to sterilize the home and eliminate all sorts of contamination before installing new items.

Indeed, this is a complicated home improvement process to go through. But for the sake of safety, it is worth it!

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