Different Types of Moon Lamps



A moon lamp is a table lamp and as the name implies it resembles the moon. 

The best feature of moon lamps is that they are made 100% to the scale of the moon using the latest 3D printing technology. Using texture data from NASA, moon lamps have a perfect 360 degree lunar texture.

Moon lamps are a smart accessory for any home. They exude beauty and elegance simultaneously. Don’t just settle for the looks because you will be surprised to know that moon lamps are also categorized by their function and features. 

As far as the functionality is concerned and you are looking for something that can light up your whole space and also replace your standard ceiling lamps then hanging moon lamps are the ideal choice.

If you desire to change the overall ambiance of your room or want something that can be easily relocated around the home, then the table top moon lamps are the best buy. They can add the much needed flair along with providing tons of features and variations to keep them relevant and interesting.

Feel free to impress your guests with moon lamps that come with fascinating styles. Moon lamps can also be customized and also pack remote control support.

Now that you have planned to get your hands on a moon lamp for your home, here are some of the most popular moon lamps. You can get the type of moon lamp that you want.

1. Original Moon Lamp.

This is the one that got the magic started. It looks splendid on any space you choose to place it on. It is a head turner. Switch between the warmth and colors and enjoy its majestic light.

2. Galaxy Light Moon Lamp.

If you love the stars and the galaxy above your head, wait till the galaxy moon lamp lights up your room. You will fall in love with the stars again as it comes with a 16 color option. The galaxy light moon lamp is rechargeable. It can also be controlled with the help of a remote control. 

3. Levitating Moon Lamp.

Do you want your moon lamp to look futuristic? Behold, as the levitating moon lamp floats in the air.  Magnets are used to do the job, and it gives your table top the perfect style statement.


4. Moon Lamp Air Humidifier.

The moon lamp air humidifier keeps the air around you fresh and friendly. Not only this, your lamp will get covert looks from guests and onlookers. It will also beautify your room with its understated elegance and beauty. 

5. The Planet Moon Lamp.

This is the best buy for your home, believe us. A few of these globes with all their planetary images will leave everyone mesmerized. They will keep wondering about the pretty lamps you have at your place.


6. The Saturn Moon Lamp.

If you love Saturn planet along with its fascinating discs, why not have it in your room? You can have it in the form of a moon lamp and experience the majestic beauty of Saturn every single day.

7. The Hanging Moon Lamp.

These wonderful lamps will hang from your ceiling instead of light fixtures and brighten up your living space.


8. The Levitating Galaxy Moon Lamp.

Did you love our levitating moon lamps? We have good news for you then, as we have more now. There are many to choose from, which will help you add a futuristic touch to your table and make heads turn.

9. The Earth Moon Lamp.

We love and cherish our home planet more than anything else. For this reason, the moon lamps actually have an earth globe that will give your living space or office the majestic aura of the blue planet.

10. The Moon Lamp with Quran Speaker.

Do you what is better than a glowing moon lamp – one that can recite the Quran while it glows? Browse through our wide selection to choose the Quran speaker moon lamp. It is placed with a blue tooth speaker that you can pair with your device to let the magic happen. 


11. The LED Night Light Galaxy Projector Moon Lamp.

Are you tired of seeing the globe on the table? Then you can project the heavenly bodies on the ceiling to make your night fun and enjoyable.

12. The Astronaut Moon Lamp.

Celebrate the momentous Mars landing with the astronaut figurine which basks in the cool light of the beautiful moon lamp beside it.

13. The Space Shuttle Moon Lamp.

Talking of the galaxy, astronauts, and planets and forgetting about space shuttles? Is it remotely possible? The advancements in science have led us to space, and our moon lamps bring it to your table as well. Take the glowing space shuttle moon lamp home and make your table top fun and lively.

14. The Crescent Hanging Moon Lamp.

If you do not like globes, we have an alternate for you. The crescent hanging moon lamp in the middle of your room will add a touch of class to your whole space.

15. The Hand Knit Lamp Shade for Your Moon Lamp.

This hand knit designed lamp shade for your moon lamp will add a unique taste to your night light. The light will cast shimmers through the knit on top of your moon lamp.


16. Customized Moon Lamps.

If all of the above types don’t fancy your imagination, why not make a moon lamp of your own? Customized moon lamps are the most popular choice for customers. You will be given the option to modify the moon lamp to suit your preferences. Add your personal touch to it, so it stands out in your living space.

17. The Moon Lamp Key Chains.

If your love for moon lamps is beyond any measures then you need to get your hands on these too.  Take them with you and add a classy touch to your pocket. Holding your keys has never been this fun before.

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