6 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

Is your air conditioning unit no longer blowing out cool air and you’re in need of an air conditioning service? It might have some underlying issues that you have been ignoring for months. More often than not, when your AC lacks proper care and maintenance, it will show signs of failure. The good news is that you can still restore your AC to its proper state. But first, you need to find out about the importance of air conditioning components in ensuring that your unit functions well.

Key Components of your AC Unit

Thermostat-This is an integral component of your AC unit because of the vital role it plays. When it malfunctions, it will be difficult to send a signal to your air conditioning system. When this happens, your AC unit will no longer have the ability to blow cool air. The thermostat has two basic types: digital and electro-mechanical thermostats.

The digital thermostats are programmable because you set the time for your system to operate or shut down. Having much more control of your unit can create a positive impact on your energy consumption. Electro-mechanical thermostats, on the other hand, are the other types of a thermostat. The HVAC system turns on and off based on the room temperature. This happens when the coils expand and push the mercury to the end of the tube.

Air Conditioning Compressors-The purpose of the AC compressor is to squeeze the refrigerant so it adds energy, enabling the unit to blow cool air. The compressor acts as a cool, low-pressure gas, which passes through the condenser. Once the fluid leaves the condenser, it becomes cooler and when under high pressure, the gas will turn into a liquid. It completes the cooling process when it reaches the evaporator coil.

Air Handlers-The air handler is also a key component of your AC system because it is responsible for circulating the air around your home. A stand-alone air handler blows cool air from your AC unit, but if you have a forced-air furnace, the air handler will blow the hot air out so the cool air can circulate from your AC.

Evaporator Coils-This component enables the liquid to go back into gas. This happens when it extracts heat from the surrounding air, which transforms hot air into cool air.

Air Ducts- Air ducts promote overall comfort in your home. Conditioned living spaces have their own ductwork, found in areas with extreme temperatures such as the attic or other crawlspaces. Install ducts properly to prevent cool air from escaping. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of money on your energy consumption.

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

1. Damaged Compressor

Damaged Compressor

Being a vital component of your AC unit, it is important to keep your compressor in good condition so it manages the airflow efficiently. A damaged compressor will have trouble cooling air. You need an experienced professional to fix the compressor. More often than not, it is more practical to replace the compressor than to have it repaired.

2. Faulty Fans

Faulty Fans
The fan located in the evaporator coil of your unit blows indoor air so your air conditioner will expel cool air. If the fans are not working properly due to lack of lubrication, worn belts or faulty motor, a problem with air flow will occur. Not taking care of the problem will only lead to compressor failure. If this happens, you will only stand a slim chance of reviving your air conditioner.

3. Leaking Ducts

Leaking Ducts
You can find your ducts in crawlspaces or through the ceilings and walls. They carry cooled air from your AC unit throughout your home. If the ducts have breaks or holes, the damage can have a negative impact on your energy bills because your air conditioner needs to work harder.

4. Low Refrigerant

Low Refrigerant
The refrigerant removes the humidity or heat from the air. If this component leaks, it cannot effectively cool the air. While the solution to the problem is to replace the refrigerant, an HVAC repair technician still needs to repair the holes in the refrigerant lines to resolve multiple leaks.

5. Thermostat Problems

Thermostat Problems
If you do not properly calibrate old dial-type thermostats, the air conditioner will not get the right instructions from your control system. Although this is easy to fix, you will still need an experienced technician to recalibrate or replace your thermostats. For programmable thermostats, it is important to set them correctly for your air conditioner to work.

6. Faulty Circuit Breaker

Faulty Circuit Breaker
If your air conditioner fails to function, it might be because of a faulty fuse or circuit breaker. Although you can fix the problem by simply resetting the breaker or replacing the fuse, you will still need to give a licensed technician a call so you can get a proactive solution.

When any of these air conditioning components fails, expect your unit to have airflow problems. Never neglect maintenance because it is essential to keeping your air conditioner’s optimum performance. You can also call a furnace repair specialist to identify all potential problems before they affect your air conditioning system.

HVAC technicians also have a variety of different troubleshooting apps available that they can use to spot check issues with your air conditioning

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