5 Highly Efficient Office Layouts

Starting a business isn’t an easy feat. You might have the financial investment and knowledge of the market, but these aren’t enough to keep your business afloat. There will be a lot of bumps along the way – some being too challenging to handle. You can make use of different strategies to ensure your business’s success, but the oldest trick of the book will always be about improving the productivity levels of your employees. After all, your business can never operate without them, right? In order to achieve this goal, pay attention to your office layout. A highly efficient office layout ensures that your employees are comfortable in working, making it easy for them to meet their responsibilities every day.

There are a lot of office layouts to choose from. With this variety, you’ll be able to find one which suits your business’s niche, operations, and size. But on the other side of the coin, this variety can be too overwhelming that you’ll end up not knowing what to choose or choose one which doesn’t provide any benefit to your business. To steer away from this direction, consider the following office layouts:

1. Modular workstation layout: If your business is currently operating in a building which has a sufficient amount of space, a modular workstation layout might be an excellent choice. This layout primarily uses panels and other furnishings in order to divide space into individual work areas. With this layout, your employees can take advantage of a fully functional space as area lighting, desks and storage are provided individually to them. A modular workstation layout is also versatile as you can simply add in tables or desks as your manpower count increases.
Modular workstation layout

One key furniture to achieving a modular workstation layout is a space-saving and functional cubicle. While there are many models and styles to choose from, it’s best if you buy cubicles which represent your brand. If you have used cubicles, have them painted with a color similar to your logo. The more consistent your business’s aesthetics is, the easier it’ll be for you to create a brand.

2. Cluster workstation layout: On the other side of the coin, if your current office space doesn’t have the luxury of space, a cluster workstation layout might be more appropriate. This layout is more focused on placing an employees’ working stations around a central core. You can achieve this layout by using cubicles which are clustered in groups, or arrange individual cubicles as if spokes in a wheel. A cluster workstation layout can be used by a team which needs to be working closely with each other all the time. This kind of layout makes it easy for everyone to reach out to other members of the team, without disrupting other employees. A cluster workstation layout is also cheaper and doesn’t require too much time and effort from businesses.

3. Landscape layout: Gone are the days when an office should only look corporate and stiff. With a landscape layout, businesses can add in plants and other accents in the office space. These are used in order to enhance the aesthetics of the space while serving as visual barriers. So instead of using walls, you can opt to strategically use different kinds of plants. Aside from the use of decors, a landscape office layout is also different because it has a rigid sense of organization. Simply put, a landscape office layout is a combination of a cluster and modular office layouts while adding several decorative pieces to enhance the space.
Open plan layout
4. Open plan layout: Businesses have different corporate cultures. While some are very strict with its internal operations and adheres corporate relationships, some are flexible and fosters friendship among their employees. If you’re one of the latter, start looking for ideas on how you can use an open plan layout. Unlike other types of office layouts, an open plan layout fosters better levels of communications as it doesn’t necessarily require the use of cubicles. With this kind of office layout, cubicles are actually replaced with office desks. An open plan layout is suitable for businesses which have employees working with computers. If you’re amenable to higher levels of noise pollution during working hours, this kind of layout might be appropriate.

5. Traditional closed office layout: If you’re more comfortable working in a closed room rather than mingling with other people during working hours, don’t force yourself to adapt to these new office layouts. As the business owner, you can always choose to follow a traditional closed office layout. You can allocate a room for each department or team in your business. Not only does this maintain their privacy but this can also lessen the chances of gossips and unproductivity. Depending on your budget, you can have each of these rooms furnished with the basic tools and equipment needed by employees or have these in one common area in the office building.

You’ll Reap What You Sow

Once you’ve dived into the business arena, expect that you’ll be making important decisions – and choosing an efficient office layout for your own business is just one of them. With the number of office layouts available today, make sure that it fits your budget and brand. Additionally, the office layout you choose should foster strong communication, has fluid navigation and most importantly, has a proper amount of space. Taking all of these factors into consideration might be a struggle, but once your business succeeds, all of your efforts will be worth it!

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