6 Above Ground Pool Ideas for Revitalizing Your Backyard

Want to make your backyard a true destination? Use these above ground pool ideas to create an oasis in your own backyard.

If you’re planning on installing an above ground pool or already have one and want to bring new life to it, then you’ll want to keep reading. Too often than not, above ground pools are considered unattractive or the low-budget option. However, if you’re one of these thinkers, after reading through this post you might have a change of mine.

There are some pretty amazing above ground pool ideas out there that can truly transform any above ground pool from an eyesore to the focal point of any backyard! Are you looking to make your backyard a true relaxation destination? It’s possible with the help of our 6 above ground pool ideas!

To start the construction of your very own oasis, continue reading below!

1. Cover It in Tiles

If you’re tired of looking at the plastic parts and sections on your above ground pool, then consider covering it in tiles. You can cover the entire pool with an outdoors tile of your choice to fully transform the look of it. For example, consider using black mosaic tile around your pool.
Cover It in Tiles

This idea is perfect for more sleek and modern homes as the black mosaic tiles will add to this appearance. If your home has more of a desert style, then you can consider using red tiles instead. You have a lot of design and style options when it comes to choosing the right tile for you and your pool.

Choose a style that fits best with your home or backyard, and you’ll hardly notice that your pool is above ground.

2. Cover It in Stone

If you’re not a fan of the outdoors tile, then you still have some other options. One other option that isn’t tile but is similar is stone. You can cover your entire above ground pool with stones.

Stones give your pool a more natural feel to it. If you have stonework on other areas of your backyard like a walkway or sitting area, be sure to use the same stones on your pool. This is a good way to tie everything together.

For an inexpensive solution, river rocks and pea gravel is a great alternative. It’ll take any shape or style of pool and transform it into something you would never imagine. Adding stones is a gorgeous idea and simple to do.

Find out more about different above ground swimming pool designs before you decide what type of stone to cover it with.

3. Cover It with Reed Fencing

If you like the feel of the islands, then you’ll really like this next idea. Try covering your pool with reed fencing. You can then use twine to hold it all together.

If needed, go around the top of the fencing and do a bit of trimming to make it look well put together. This is an excellent way to bring the feel of the islands to your backyard. But don’t let the tropical oasis stop there.

Use an old wood pallet as a tiki bar! Place the wood pallet against the side of the pool after making some minor tweaks to it such as paint and a bar top. Place a couple of stools in front of it, and you’re ready to go!

4. Cover It with Greenery

Adding greenery to your pool is something that just about anyone can do on their own at home. Gather your favorite lush plants and other pieces of landscaping and surround or border your above ground pool with them. Not all of the greenery that you use needs to be of the same size or plant species.
Cover It with Greenery
Go ahead and mix it up using different sizes and types of plants to really draw in the naturalistic feel. Before simply placing the plants around your pool, create bedding for them. When you outline your bedding, don’t feel obligated to stick to the same exact shape of your pool.

For example, if you have a round pool, then feel free to create bedding that is round but has curves throughout it. This shows off your creativity and will make the perfect sectioned-off area after adding in some mulch!

5. Wrap a Fence Around It

You always have the option of wrapping a fence around your pool. No, we don’t mean fencing in your backyard. We mean taking fencing and wrapping it directly around your above ground pool.

Go with a fence that reaches just above your pool to give you a bit of privacy. You can also add large pieces of greenery for even more privacy. Add a deck next to the pool using the same color and style of wood that the fence is made of and you’ve got yourself an entire blocked-off section in your backyard dedicated to swimming and hanging out.

6. Spruce It Up with Lighting

If you don’t have a lot of room in your budget, don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting. You can spruce up any above ground pool with the right outdoor lighting features. Consider using Edison lights that hang above the pool, lanterns and tiki torches for a softer feel, or spotlights to light up the area surrounding the pool.

You should also consider creating a pathway to the pool, which shows that it’s the main attraction. Take lights and light up the pathway as well. This is a great idea for people who enjoy taking a dip after the sun goes down.

What Above Ground Pool Ideas Do You Like Best?

What Above Ground Pool Ideas Do You Like Best
With so many different ways to bring new life into your not-so-attractive above ground pool, you’ll have to make a decision. Which above ground pool ideas do you like best? No matter what kind of above ground pool you have, there’s something on our list to suit every pool owner’s needs!

Interested in more great posts similar to this one? Be sure to check back with us frequently!

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