Beautify Your Exterior by Installing an Air Conditioner Fence

Air conditioners and generators don’t have to be ugly. You can dress up the area surrounding them with an air conditioner fence or landscaping.

Did you know that in 2009, over 87 percent of American homes have been recorded to have air conditioning? And while this number has increased tremendously in the last 10 years, it makes you consider your own air conditioning unit.

Take for instance the appearance of the outside generator. Anyone that has purchased a central air conditioning unit understands the maintenance that comes with making sure it compliments your home.

Fortunately, air conditioners and generators don’t have to be ugly. Here’s how you can dress them up with an air conditioner fence and landscaping.

1. Fence It

First on the list of beautifying your generator is structuring an air conditioner fence around the generator. While you may be used to a stand-alone generator, you may want to consider an air conditioning fence to beautify the area.
Fence It

If you are looking for a more vintage aesthetic, choose the light wood air conditioner fence. If you are looking for a more traditional appearance, go with a white vinyl fence.

2. Structure It

If an air conditioner fence isn’t in your plans, you are welcome to build a structure that will provide shading for it.

If your generator is located in the middle of your garden, build an open ventilated awning that will complement the aesthetic. If it’s located on the side of your home, build a chic enclosure that will add to your home’s value.

3. Bury It

If you’re not interested in building a unit around your generator, you’re able to bury your propane unit. And even though this handled differently than a conventional air conditioning unit, you’re are still able to upgrade your exterior.
Bury It
Consider an underground propane system. Expert technicians are able to measure, bury, and install a propane tank right in your backyard. And the best part? It will never get in the way!

Find out more about buried propane tanks here!

4. Redesign It

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a way to beautify your exterior, think about taking on a mini-home renovation project. Times are constantly changing and your garden may be in need of a redesign anyway.

Why not build a courtyard around your outside generator in order to play it up? Or build a cozy sitting area with a firewood stash that covers up your air conditioning unit?
No matter what your style is, you are able to cleverly hide your generator and turn the area into something chic.

Install an Air Conditioner Fence and More!

Install an Air Conditioner Fence and More
Whether you’re looking to know more about installing an air conditioner fence or want to renovate your home’s style, we’ve got you covered. We know how hard it can be to choose home decor that is suitable for everybody. Fortunately, we’ve put together the perfect platform that will make it easy for you to complete your next home renovation project.

Have some style inspirations that you want to share with the world? We’d love to hear it. Feel free to visit our Contact Us section and a member of our team will be happy to hear from you.

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