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5 YouTube Interior Design Channels For Home Décor Tips

As the home is where we spend a large portion of our lives, it is natural to want to make it a beautiful place that reflects who we are while also catering to our need for relaxation. Are you interested in freshening up the look of your home with some new interior designs? We all see how easily good interior design-related channels gain subscribers on YouTube because of their increasing demand.  And people can get great ideas for home decor tips. 

Continue reading this article if you are ready to transform those dull walls and corners into something beautiful and stylish with the help of watching videos without having to walk that additional mile. 

The Sorry Girls 

This dynamic team will, without a doubt, assist you in overcoming any difficulties associated with home improvement projects and interior design. Making homemade gifts, repairing a fireplace, and using an impacting drill are just a few examples. All while cracking jokes and telling amusing personal life experiences.

This channel is extremely popular, with over two million subscribers and many daily views. Consistent updates are one of the essential factors in attracting readers. The three-video-per-week schedule that TheSorryGirls has been keeping is ideal for maintaining a high-quality profile.

At Home With Nikki

Since 2012, she has been posting videos to YouTube where she discusses topics such as home organization, interior décor, handicrafts, and even cuisine. This channel will provide you with a variety of suggestions and ideas that you can use in your home.

Kinwoven—Robeson Design

There is a belief that Rebecca Robinson is the most popular YouTuber in the building and design professions. More than a million and a half people have subscribed to her channel. She documents her home improvement tasks and design advice on film. Rebecca carefully considers each client’s individual preferences and aims to make their wildest design fantasies a reality while focusing on practicality and quality.

Her persona and extensive knowledge of design trends and practicalities combine her remarkable talent for creating fantasy houses and apartments, which is why she is so popular on YouTube.

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Karin Bohn

Canadian interior designer Karin Bohn provides an honest window into her work life and a wealth of helpful tips for aspiring designers. It’s fascinating to observe the evolution of an idea into a fully realized structure. Her unbelievable creatures will inspire you to take immediate action for your home decor. 

Emily Henderson

She is a good artist who makes a living in interior design and home improvement.  Emily’s channel is packed with ideas for redecorating and refashioning, not just the interior of a property but also the exterior.

She concentrates on individual stories and adores the challenge of imparting her experiences and perspectives to the things she creates. She is also a TV personality and has a deep love for old items; this is why her channel features films about thrift stores and do-it-yourself projects.


Decorating your home is a wonderful investment since it makes your space appear more beautiful and hospitable to visitors and invigorates and relaxes you. You can choose from various themes to decorate your space and give it a certain look. Therefore, it is always our advantage if you can receive any ideas and recommendations for decorating our home.

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