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5 Ways To Style Your Home With Decorative Concrete

Concrete is a commonly used construction material that is reliably tough. And, who could imagine that concrete accents and fixtures will become a new trend called the “cement trend”. Today, polished, sealed, and scored cement have emerged as cement flooring, shelving, and fixtures, which are commonly seen on Instagram feeds, providing great options for homeowners.

In this post, you’ll learn some awesome ways you can style your home using decorative concrete.

1. Concrete Decorative Walls

Concrete Decorative Walls

Embrace the “cement trend” by adding a concrete decorative wall in your living space. Doing this would provide extra warmth and a fantastic blend with the warm textures of bold wood styles and soft fabrics. Achieve a visually intricate look by using a putty knife or trowel to layer the cement for various textures and colors. Professionals, like Concrete Contractors Albuquerque, can help you achieve the best drama and personality for your space, thanks to the added three-dimensional element of concrete texture.

Concrete may seem like a cold and flat material, but it is actually a great way to create a neutral backdrop for any home design style. Whether you want to achieve a minimalist, farmhouse, industrial, or Bohemian look for your home, adopting the cement trend is something that you will never regret doing. Furthermore, concrete flooring is low-maintenance, as compared to hardwood flooring and furniture pieces, as it only requires standard dusting and mopping.

Check out these different concrete styles you might want to apply in your home:

  • Polished Concrete: It has slick sheen.
  • Sealed Concrete: Achieve a more matte look with sealed concrete, and benefit from the added sealant as it protects your home against stains and water.
  • Scored Concrete: The grainy, textured finish provides architects and interior designers a myriad of custom cement or concrete options..

2. Concrete Kitchen Island And Counters

Concrete or cement kitchen counters are trending with the emergence of the farmhouse chic craze, which is a perfect mix of rustic and industrial design. Attain a modern farmhouse kitchen with concrete kitchen elements that play nicely with other design accents, like sleek lighting and navy blue kitchen cabinetry.

Who can resist the durability, affordability, and style of concrete countertops? Marble and granite will always be an option, but concrete provides drama and can also last for decades by applying sealant every few years.

3. Concrete Bathtub

Concrete Bathtub

Transform your bathroom with a concrete bathtub. Concrete bathtubs are commonly found in upscale spas that seek to achieve the meditative quality of Japanese bathhouses. Today, homeowners can replicate the same feeling with the right size and bulk.

Contrary to what you probably think as a rough finish, the side elements of a concrete bathtub can be made smooth so it’d feel super comfortable to the skin. That’s why decorative Concrete Contractors Albuquerque services join and seal the pieces together properly to ensure that concrete bathtubs won’t leak.

Here are the important things you have to remember when it comes to concrete bathtub installation:

  • It’s not a DIY project: Installation of concrete bathtub would require a great deal of concrete expertise. It is because a concrete bathtub can weigh thousands of pounds, like a bathtub that weighs 1,750 pounds with a 120-gallon capacity. However, it provides your bathroom with a timeless fixture that you can enjoy for many years to come.
  • Take a few things into consideration: Consider the size, permanent location, and style features, as well as the installation of safety features, like grab bars, before making a final decision.

4. Concrete Lamp

While wood pendant lamps provide warmth and a cozy look for your living space, concrete lamps can make your space feel quite homey and more enjoyable. Concrete lighting fixtures tend to have a strong presence, hiding the light and giving your lampshade a mysterious allure.

Before you dismiss it as a not-so-great interior design accessory, think about the beautiful gray color and stoney texture of a concrete lamp, plus the fact that its durable built and heaviness exude such a strong presence. A beautiful case of pendant lamps can range in different sizes and shapes, looking glamorous and elegant with gold accent details.

Also, wood and concrete make a nice duo as they complement each other in many wonderful ways.

5. Concrete Planters

Whether you’re designing your indoor or outdoor living space, concrete planters are the latest trend you might want to consider. Concrete planters protect your favorite plants, shielding their fragile roots against unfavorable conditions. One of the best plant options for concrete planters are succulents. If you’re not into live indoor plants, faux plants and flowers in concrete planters are also available.


Decorative concrete comes in a wide array of options, including cement flooring, concrete kitchen island and counters, and concrete bathtub. Whatever home style you want to achieve, concrete or cement is undoubtedly durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.

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