5 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

A lot of people are looking to save money these days. Depending on the season, location and amount of usage, your electric bill can be an intimidating expense. After all, electricity powers nearly everything in a modern home–from the appliances and entertainment devices, to air conditioning and lights.

Despite its importance, you don’t have to let your electric bill break the bank. There are some easy tips that renters can follow to make sure that electricity costs stay down and the amount of money in your bank account stays up. Choosing the correct Electric provider is important too.

Here are 5 easy ways to conserve energy bills in 2018:

Stop Vampire Power

Stop Vampire Power

Many devices use power even when they’re not turned on or in use. The phenomenon is called vampire power, phantom load, leaking electricity etc. It can account up to 5 to 10 percent of your electrical use.

You can plug many of your devices into a power strip so that you can turn off the power when you’re not using the item. This is a good choice for cell phone chargers and similar devices that you often leave plugged in. You can also use a power strip for your monitor, printer and other computer accessories. You may not want to shut down your computer completely, so make sure that it goes into an efficient sleep mode when not in use.

Switch to CFL and LED

Switch to CFL and LED
Switching to compact fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in your light fixtures is an excellent way to reduce the cost of lighting in your home. You probably know that incandescent bulbs aren’t energy efficient, whereas CFL bulbs offer significant energy savings, and LED bulbs provide up to 80 percent more efficiency than incandescent lighting.

Don’t be floored by the price of an LED bulb when comparing it to your regular incandescent. A longer lasting LED that uses less electricity could save you thousands in the long run. Buying an LED bulb is like buying 20 incandescent bulbs as an LED bulb lasts as long as 20 incandescent bulbs. But the 20 incandescent bulbs won’t save any electricity where an LED bulb saves up to 80 percent. In addition, LED bulbs do not present hazards to you or the environment because they don’t contain any lead or mercury.

Use the Correct Lighting

Use the Correct Lighting
While using the most energy-efficient bulbs will help reduce your electric bill, having lights in the correct locations can provide even more savings. Many homes don’t have lighting installed in the most advantageous areas. You can use floor lamps can for reading areas instead of a light fixture in the middle of the room. If you lack the floor space, consider having an electrician install decorative wall lighting.

Kitchens can benefit from track lighting that directs the light to exactly where you need it. Under cabinet lighting can provide direct light for your workspace, and these fixtures often use LED bulbs for even more electrical savings.

Upgrade and Update

Upgrade and Update
New appliances are much more energy efficient and responsible than older appliances. You may not be able to upgrade major appliances in an apartment, but that doesn’t you don’t have any control. Some minor appliances whose newer models tend to be much more eco-conscious include computers, televisions, hair dryers, hair straighteners, toasters and blenders.

Go Solar

Go Solar
The most effective way to lower your electric bill is very likely by going solar. Sure, you have to pay for those solar panels, but they are cheaper (in the long run) than electricity. The average household that goes solar is likely to save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of their solar panel system’s lifetime.

Furthermore, if you have a solar leasing option in your area, you can consider going solar without purchasing the system at all, allowing you to save money on your electric bill from day one. The average middle-class family that goes solar using a solar leasing model is projected to save $600 a year, according to one recent study.

Luckily, electricity usage, electricity costs, and sunshine are all pretty predictable factors. So, you can estimate how much you’d probably save by going solar, or you can get help with that, and then you can decide if you think it’s worth the investment or not.

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