5 Ways to Change Your Workplace for the Better


The setting that someone works in is absolutely crucial. When the setting is perfected, the workplace encourages work and keeps the person working comfortable. When the setting is wrong, though, focusing on work and producing the best academic content is difficult. If your workspace needs improvement, these are a few changes you can make..

1.Make Sure Everything Needed Is Present

Make the Space Comfortable
The first thing to do is to make sure that anything someone might need working in that space is present. This way, when they sit down to work, they don’t have to worry about getting up to find what they need. If someone needs to get up and search down a pen or find the right textbook, this interrupts their flow of work and can be incredibly distracting.

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2.Check Lighting

Check Lighting
Working in the dark can not only hurt someone’s eyes, but it can also be detrimental to productivity as well. However, if the lighting used is too harsh, it can lead to headaches and a lack of productivity as well. The goal is to reach a sweet spot that is bright enough without being too dark or too bright.

The best choice is to use natural light when possible. When you can’t, however, it’s a great idea to use different levels of light such as a few lamps instead of a single, bright light.

3.Make the Space Comfortable

Make the Space Comfortable
It’s extremely hard to focus and work to the best of your ability when in an uncomfortable space. Because of this, it’s absolutely crucial that the workspace being created is created with comfort in mind.

A great place to start is to find a comfortable chair. Even if you aren’t buying a new chair, the use of cushions and pillows can go a long way. FInding a comfortable temperature on the thermostat can also be an effective touch.

It’s also important to ensure a chair with the right support. If a student is slouched in front of their computer writing an essay for hours, they’re likely going to deal with a distracting backache just as much as their course content.

4.Clean Out the Clutter

Clean Out the Clutter
Organization can go a long way when trying to create the ideal workspace. A desk covered in balled up scratch paper from math homework, pens out of ink, and other unnecessary clutter can ruin a workspace.

To make the space as conducive to work as possible, take the time to clean out the desk and remove any mess from the work area. Then, take a few minutes to organize. Making sure everything has a place is a great way to keep clutter away once you’ve gotten rid of it the first time.

5.Add Storage

Add Storage
As just noted, a workspace can benefit a lot from a little organization. To help this along, add storage to the workspace. Having a a shelf for textbooks, a holder for pens, pencils, and highlighters, and a binder for loose coursework and syllabi can go a long way.


Creating the best workspace possible is the best way to promote completing the best work. When someone is uncomfortable or bored in a space, they are likely to get distracted rather than be able to devote all their energy to doing their best work. With this in mind and the right touches, a well thought-out workspace can be the way to productivity.

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