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5 Ways to Accessorize Your Eileen Gray Daybed

5 Ways to Accessorize Your Eileen Gray Daybed

No single solitary piece of furniture ever looks good without some decorative accompaniment to make it feel wholesome. So, if you’re looking for ways to accessorize your Eileen Gray Daybed, here are 5 mainstream ideas that will always be true classics:

1. Overlooking statement artwork


One of the greatest ways to accessorize the Eileen Gray Daybed is by complementing it with gorgeous artwork. If you’re looking innovative ideas on how to carry out this accessorizing style, then take a look at this image. While the black and chrome outfit of the daybed stays prominent in its bottom-field stature, the chiaroscuro of the statement art that is what anchors the aesthetic at the top. Together, both the daybed and the artwork contrast and accompany each other in a beautiful medley.

2. A painted backdrop


Sometimes, you don’t need any physical accessory to make a statement in your home interiors – a simple painted wall is often quite enough. So if you take a look at this image, you’ll see how the sponged sea-green wall makes such a gorgeous backdrop for the Eileen Gray Daybed. Fortunately, there are a lot of paint styles that you can choose from these days – sponged, pattered, and many other textures – so you can personalize the whole setting according to your aesthetic.

3. Lamp and end tables


Another great way to accessorize your Eileen Gray Daybed is by pairing it off with end tables and floor lamps. The tallness of the floor lamps would enhance its low-heighted appeal while an end table would provide a mediating counterpart that complements the whole setting. This image shows an ideal composition of all three of these elements, where the daybed takes center stage while the other two elements stand guard at either of its periphery.

4. Accent chair and coffee table


If you’re setting up the Eileen Gray Daybed as the main seating component of your home interior, then you can complement it with mismatched accent chairs and a coffee table. If you take a look at this image, you will see how such a layout can work – especially when you’ve got a spacious room. The red and navy blue chairs provide a superb contrast to the daybed while the coffee table and the abstract animal print area rug make for an interesting choice of base drop.

5. Nesting tables


Nesting tables are a relatively new innovation. They consist of three or more end table like entities that are successively smaller in stature and can be tucked into a single piece to save some space and reduce visual/physical clutter. They can also make a stunning accompaniment to the Eileen Gray Daybed. If you take a look at this image, you immediately notice the duology of tables that stand by one side of the daybed and complement its chrome-plated filigree gorgeously.

Of course there are a lot of other ways in which you can complement and accessorize your Eileen Gray Daybed, but these basic 5 will always do right by you.

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