5 Tips on How to Use the Togo Sofa as Your Accent Chair

An accent chair is a piece of furniture that’s used to introduce a nice visual contrast in an interior design. They’re usually selected in bright, vivacious colors and patterns. The idea is to make them contrast the rest of the space and its furnishings to create some visual contrast. Today, we’ll be sharing 5 tips on how you can use the Togo sofa and its parts as your accent chair.

1. One variant

One variant

The best thing about Togo sofas is that it’s available in a number of different upholstery choices. You can customize you set according to your interior design ambiance. So if you’ve furnished your living area in the whole Togo set, you can have one of the lounges to have a different yet contrasting upholstery that stands out from the rest. This way, you’ll can use it as a gorgeous accent piece for your space.

2. Complementing with artwork

Complementing with artwork
The best thing about the Togo sofa is that it’s available in so many different and unique colors. So if you want to buy one as an accent chair, you can select a color that’s bright, vivacious and popping. Then you can pair it up with a unique artwork in the background that matches its colors and has a slight pop of contrast that brings out the best out of your chair’s color. You can even set up a nice decoration piece beside it for maximum impact.

3. Nooks and lights

Nooks and lights
The Togo sofa will make a gorgeous accent chair in a small nook or isolated alcove. A single one of these in a bright color will make a highly attractive focal point. You can accessorize them fully by pairing them with the right area rugs, throws and even light fixtures. Suspended light fixtures work especially well in a small alcove. You can hang a single one of these beside your Togo accent chair and call it a cozy reading nook where you can spend some quality me-time.

4. Amalgam of popping colors

Amalgam of popping colors
Togo sofas have that casual bohemian vibe that works well in an informal living room setting. You can choose a brightly colored sofa set of this kind to be the accent piece of your home, then design the rest of your living room with a fruity color palette to complement it. So if your Togo sofa is a bright tangerine, your accent wall can be a sweet baby pink and your area rug can be a stunning cobalt or periwinkle. It’s all in the color selection and small detailing.

5. Decorating with pillows and toys

Decorating with pillows and toys
accent chairs always need to stand out from the rest of your furniture. So in order to make your Togo sofa chair unique, you can laden it with distinctly designed throw pillows and stuffed toys. All you have to do is make sure that these objects are in a completely contrasting color scheme from that of your chair in order to fully and completely stand out.

These are the 5 different ways you can make parts of the Togo sofa set a stunning accent chair in your home with or without its larger counterparts.

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