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5 Tips How to Design a Beautiful Room

5 Tips How to Design a Beautiful Room

Room design isn’t easy.

There’s a lot you can do. The number of factors you can change are endless…

There are aesthetics to take care of, like color and material. Then there’s functionality and ensuring a large space…

So how do you proceed with room design?

This is something we’ll help you with. Below are 5 tips for you. Apply them for good results!

#1 – Pay Attention to Curtains.

Pay Attention to Curtains

Curtains matter in space aesthetics. After all, they’re extremely visible in any room…

Even when they’re open, their colors affect the atmosphere.

So you need a curtain that matches your room’s color and design. Also, it shouldn’t be too long or short.

And if possible, make sure you…

Stay Minimalistic.

Why use large and thick curtains? Why not use thinner ones that let light through?

More light into your room makes it beautiful. It gives it more resolution, and it helps others see its details.

But also, thinner curtains show your windows better. And larger windows are also part of a beautiful home design.

Why? Because they add a little “outdoor touch” to your room. And this is excellent, especially if you have a well-planted garden sitting outside!

But speaking of windows…

#2 – No Bulky Frames.

Some windows have thick metallic frames.

Now obviously, a good frame is made from steel. But you don’t want the “colors of steel” to be obvious…

In fact, you don’t want your frame to be obvious at all.

It has to be thin, and blend well with the walls.

And For a Reason…

A bulky frame emphasizes the glass. And glass is a beautiful interior design feature in any room…

Glass can shine and sparkle. And that’s not an effect you get from brick and mortar. In fact, that’s why glass is so predominant in skyscrapers!

But speaking of “shine and sparkle…”

#3 – Add Mirrors to Your Room.

Add Mirrors to Your Room

Mirrors are a versatile tool. And you can use them in many ways.

For starters, you can use them in bathrooms to cover your “sink wall.” And doing so gives you the illusion of space…

After all, looking into a mirror like that shows you a whole other room behind you!

However, installing “full walls of mirrors” in normal rooms can be daunting. But there’s a way around it…

So here’s what you can do…

Use Mirrored Cabinets.

Got a large closet? If so, make sure the sliding doors are mirrors.

And if the closets you have lack mirrors, then just get a custom installation. You can always get cut to size mirrors for any room!

Or how about your living room?

You can add a larger mirror panel above your sofas. It can replace photos or old portraits you’ve hanged there!

But the point is, the use of mirrors is versatile. And you can add them into any room!

#4 – Add in a Nice TV.

Add in a Nice TV

Kitchens and bathrooms aside, almost all rooms need a TV.

It’s an appliance that changes a room’s atmosphere. And it adds a little life to it – ensuring the sight of the room doesn’t get boring.

However, you need to pick your TV correctly. Also, you must ensure that your TV has a proper “point furniture” for it.

Here’s What to Do…

First, get an LCD screen. And make sure it’s a 32 inch TV at minimum.

As for the point furniture, make sure it isn’t bulky. As we mentioned before, keep it minimalistic, with more glass panels around.

The more the better.

That way, your point furniture blends with the wall. And it ensures that its looks stay elegant!

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