5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Sprayers for Your Home and Garage

A paint sprayer is one of the most important tools especially in this era and age where every little detail of a home matters. Paint sprayers have proved useful especially when it comes to painting large surfaces, surfaces that would have otherwise take a long time to complete a painting using any other tool. Today, different manufacturers produce paint sprayers of different sizes and designs. Some last for some years while others serve for longer depending on how you use and maintain them. Given that there are many variables, many people find it difficult to choose the right paint sprayers for their tasks at home. Over at Toolblaze.com you can learn more about buying tips, use of paint sprayer and how to choose the best model.

If you have been struggling to acquire the right paint sprayer, worry not because I have decided to address that issue in this piece. Walk with me as I provide you with 5 tips for choosing the right paint sprayers for your home and garage. Along with these tips you can look Handy Varieties to understand about the paint sprayers, you can also read review about them to understand them in better way before you choose one.

1. Handheld Paint Sprayers Vs. Turbine Paint Sprayers

Both handheld paint sprayers and turbine paint sprayers have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it all goes down to how you intend to use the paint sprayers in your home or garage. Handheld paint sprayers are suitable for painting small furniture such as bookshelves, dressers, and cabinets. The paint sprayers are designed to handle basic painting tasks and can help you to complete projects such as painting of fences and other garden furniture. Handheld paint sprayers are very convenient in that you can carry them to anywhere you want and paint surfaces for longer without getting tired due to their lightweight. Moreover, you can use these paint sprayers even if you have never handled one before.

Turbine paint sprayers, on the other hand, are a perfect choice especially when you want to attain accurate results. The sprayers give you utmost control over the type of results that you want with your painting job. However, these sprayers are suitable for smaller surface and complex surfaces. Additionally, you must be a professional for you to handle some of its complex features.

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2. Light Duty/ DIY Paint Sprayers Vs. Professional Sprayers

I have been in the painting industry for a considerable amount of time now so I can say that I am comfortable with both DIY and professional paint sprayers. However, for you, you have to decide which one to opt for depending on your experience and knowledge in the field as well. If you are a beginner, you will be better suited with a DIY paint sprayer as it is easier to install the parts and use. DIY paint sprayers provide quick solutions to simple painting projects and allow you to cover large areas in minimal time. Additionally, these sprayers do not mix air with paint so you do not have to worry about anything once you start painting.

On the other hand, professional sprayers are for professionals. The sprayers provide top-quality results and dwell a lot on finesse. By finding the perfect product under this category, you are guaranteed customer satisfaction and great results. However, you have to be knowledgeable with paint sprayers for you to exploit the features that come with the units.

3. The Type of Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers are classified in several categories namely; conventional sprayers, airless sprayers, and High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers. I discuss each one of them below:

  • Conventional Sprayers

As the name suggests, conventional sprayers are found in most homes and garages. The fact that they are old-fashioned means that they use compressed air to shoot paint onto the painting surfaces. Normally, the sprayers make a lot of noise but they still get the job done at the end of the day. Otherwise known as high-pressure sprayers, conventional sprayers use a lot of power and require a lot of keenness especially when creating a painting pattern. It uses a lot of paint as well and maybe this explains why manufacturers had to look for alternative painting methods. However, if you are into classics, grabbing one of these will be wise.

  • Airless Sprayers

I have always been of the idea that you should pick your tools depending on the tasks at hand. That is the exact same notion that you have to apply when picking a paint sprayer. Airless sprayers embrace the latest technology and can help you complete your painting jobs quickly and effortlessly. As its name suggests, airless sprayers do not mix paint with air. With that, you can complete bigger projects in little time with utmost conveniences. You can always adjust the jet of paint coming off your nozzle so you can customize your spraying patterns. Airless sprayers also allow you to paint and achieve great results like a pro due to their vast features.

  • HVLP Sprayers

High Volume Low-Pressure sprayers are the most common in the market currently thanks to their accuracy levels. HVLP sprayers have nozzles that release narrower spray that is easy to control. Additionally, HVLP sprayers are better suited for smaller projects and can help you paint complex surfaces. These sprayers guarantee accuracy and if used properly, you will not use more paint than you need.

If you are a professional painter, acquiring one of these units is a wise idea as you will be able to customize and complete your painting tasks quickly.

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4. Weight

The weight of the paint sprayer also matters depending on your projects. Handheld sprayers are usually lightweight thereby making them easy to carry around. Additionally, lightweight sprayers require little effort so you can complete more projects without getting tired. In the same spirit, you should always look for a durable paint sprayer, one made of materials that can last for long.

5. Additional Features

As aforementioned, many manufacturers are producing paint sprayers nowadays. All of the units released to the market have some basic features that an average unit should not miss. However, some units have some additional features such as noise reduction that will go a long way into making your painting job easier. Consider these features as well before signing up for anything.


There is no doubt that paint sprayers are a necessity in the current world. However, you must consider factors such as type, ease of use, weight and the additional features that a particular unit has before purchasing it. By reading this article, you acquire 5 tips for choosing the right paint sprayers for your home and garage.

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