5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Renovation Project


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Each successful house renovation project is the result of great planning and organization. Whether you are planning a renovation of your home to sell it or you just want to transform it into a more comfy place. Bear in mind that home renovation may be challenging.

Like in all house improvement projects, a home renovation comes with a lot of preparations, hard work, and challenges. However, it’s a phenomenal way of bringing new life into your old home, besides it will add value to your property. 

In order to help you make the renovation process simpler and easier, we’ve assembled some key points for you to have in mind to ensure your remodeling process goes smoothly.

Our guide will help you get the home you have always dreamed of. So continue reading to find out what you must know before beginning with your home renovating project.

Find a Reliable Architect

When you decide to hire an architect, you must ensure you find the right one. You need an architect that is skilled in designing the exact remodel you want. But, you also need an architect with whom you will be able to communicate well, and whose renovation price works for you.

Once you’ve identified a couple of potential architects, take your time to visit and search their web pages to view their previous work and understand more about their practice and design concept. 

Furthermore, schedule an interview with each one of them. Try to learn more about their business’s license, associates, and whether or not they have the required architect insurance coverage, as this speaks volumes about their credibility. Renovation projects are often risky, so you must consider an architect that has good insurance coverage, just in case.

If you have difficulties choosing your architect, don’t forget to ask your friends for referrals. Word of mouth is usually said to be the safest way to find an excellent and reliable professional.

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Set Your Renovation Goals

It’s vital to know what you want to achieve through the renovation. Your home should offer improved function, bigger comfort, and convenience. You also must plan the kind of style you want to have in your home, the use of every space, and the movement of people within it.

Visual references are so significant to the process itself. Apart from drawings of the project, leaflets from magazines and inspirational photos from Pinterest can help you ensure that you and your architect are on the same page.

Be Realistic About Your Timeline and Budget

Your renovation project might take longer than you expected, therefore be prepared to plan some extra time. It’s essential to be realistic about the renovation process and timeline so ensure to keep track weekly of how the process is moving along. Whether there are some things that can delay the whole process.

It’s also crucial to create a realistic budget before you begin. That accounts for each possible aspect of work necessary to deliver the desired result, from designs, electricity and plumbing works to lighting.

Chances are, unexpected costs might occur in your home renovation project as they do for many developments.

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Expect the Unexpected

All houses hold secrets, under the floors,  in the walls, or elsewhere. A renovation project usually brings that to light. For example, your contractor may inform you your floor joists are uneven while measuring for your long-awaited new hardwood floors. 

Then you’ll need to deal with a home inspector who missed that and get the floor joists repaired before the new hardwood can be placed. 

That’s just one example of how you should expect the unexpected and plan on some extra work in your renovation project. Plus, it will allow for unforeseen mishaps along the way.

Begin With Renovating Your Kitchen

Homeowners usually want to know in what order they should renovate their homes. The best way is to start with the kitchen because that remodeling adds major value to your home. 

In practical terms, you’ll want to remodel the kitchen first since that work always creates the most dust and debris. Which you don’t want landing on fresh paint or finished jobs. It’s a good idea every time to segregate any demolition mess by placing plastic covers on doorways and pass-throughs. 

Furthermore, large kitchen remodels generally take a few months to complete. So, you’ll want to set up a substitute and temporary kitchen in your dining room or another nearby area in your home.

Final Words

Ultimately, renovation is an exciting project to dive into. It comes with many small details which are essential to understand and sometimes the project may take longer than you anticipated. However, planning in advance, and conducting good research, will ensure a seamless transition.

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