Where to Install a Chandelier?


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If you have bought an amazing chandelier for your home but are confused about what would be the best place to hang it? To make this process easier for you, we will help you find the perfect place for hanging the chandelier. There are few places that are fixed for chandeliers. Usually, the chandeliers are placed in the dining spaces and in the main entranceway. But there are other places that you can consider as well. Chandeliers can make a big impact and enhance the overall look of your room.

Placing chandeliers mainly include two factors: where it will be installed in the room and the hanging height. If you place the chandelier in the wrong place, then it can impact the room’s aesthetic. If it is hung too low, then it will restrain the flow of traffic in your room, and if the height is too much, then you may not get good enough light. So here are some recommendations to help to choose the right place for chandeliers and it works for big decorative lights as well.

Dining room

The dining room can be a good place to hang chandeliers , and it can make the environment look better, especially at night. If you want to hang it in the dining room, then you have to place it at the perfect height. You can mount the light above the table and not in the middle of the room.

dinning room


You can hang chandeliers above your bed as well, but it should be roughly seven feet above the ground. Ensure the fixture is not hanging too low, and it shouldn’t distract you from your TV screen or not cause any safety concerns. Other decorative lights have to be placed up the size of nightstands so they will have a balanced look. You can choose a small-sized chandelier for your kid’s room as well to make the room more playful and fun for your kid.

Entryway and living room

The entryway is also a good place to install chandeliers, and it will surely attract the attention of the guests as soon as they enter your home. If you have a big entryway, then you can place it above the round table to make a bold statement. If your entryway is small, then the chandelier should be hung in the middle room. Like that in the living room, it should be placed above the coffee table.

Entryway and living room

Bathroom and kitchen

Many people don’t consider these two places, but it would be great to have a chandelier in your kitchen or bathroom. It would give you a nice and warm feeling as well. If your bathroom has enough space, then you can consider a heavy chandelier as well, or a small-sized chandelier would be great for the bathroom as well, and the same goes with the kitchen.

No matter where you place these amazing decorative luxury lights, they will surely make your home environment more beautiful, and they can add so much value to the space. For safety reasons, make sure to buy the chandelier in more moisture-rich spaces. 

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