5 Things To Look For When Buying Salon Furniture

It’s proven that choosing the right salon furniture and equipment is one of the most significant parts of running a salon business. It won’t just positively impact your business operations and enhance the image of your salon, but it can also boost your confidence as a businessperson in the industry.

Continue reading to learn about the best things you can consider when purchasing salon furniture, as well as some strategies for optimal use:

Quality And Durability

When you invest in something with both quality and durability, you’re also showing that you value your company, your staff, and your customers. You want to make sure that you’re going for the best. What people see at your salon is a reflection of your brand. So before buying furniture, do make sure that the pieces match the needs of your establishment. Furniture pieces that break or get damaged easily because of poor quality will result in the loss of service income, as well as the unnecessary costs of replacing or repairing less expensive furnishings.

Moreover, substandard fittings have an unfavorable effect on customer experience and your salon’s atmosphere and work environment. When they notice things that are low-quality, customers will feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied. They’re more likely to remember the negative things about your shop, so they won’t be visiting again. Subpar pieces also ruin the atmosphere, making the place look unattractive. And because they break easily, your employees are unable to do their work efficiently. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in furniture that will last a long time.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the best salon furniture is making sure that your customers feel comfortable and satisfied. Chairs, especially. They should offer great support when your customers sit on them. After all, as a business professional, wouldn’t you want to make it as pleasant as possible if you’re customer is visiting your parlor for a few hours? A pleasant experience is what will make people come back again. 

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Material And Color

It is also critical to check the material and color, as well as how products, hair color, and bleach may affect the appearance and design of your furniture. Darker hues, in general, will last longer whereas softer or brighter colors will show indications of wear much sooner. Fabrics and leather materials wear quickly, and they’re hard to maintain. On the other hand, high-quality vinyl can be cleaned easily. 

Moreover, don’t forget to look into the furniture structure to find openings and cleaning spots. These elements will help in controlling the ease of removing hair from the furniture, like chair and other surfaces, on a daily basis. They’ll also make it easier for your employees to get rid of hair and other mess without the need to deal with tight creases.


The budget of salon furniture ranges from low to high. When determining the costs of your business materials, budgeting should be at the top of your to-do list. It would be nice to have high-end furniture, but when you’re starting out, you may not have the funds for it. Fortunately, you can have the same desired style with good value by choosing from a wide range of mid-priced alternatives.

Aside from budgeting, it’s helpful to divide beginning expenditures into two categories: one-time expenses and ongoing expenses. This will help you plan how much you can spend for affordable but high-quality furniture pieces. 


Your salon could have a professional vibe or a more laid-back feel, depending on the type of ambience you want to create. As long as you’re doing business as usual, you must address any furniture issues immediately. Hence, a warranty, whether it’s extended, is the easiest and less expensive solution.

Besides all these factors in selecting salon furniture, it’s worth investing in a lighting system. There are many criteria, critical aspects, and important details to consider when designing your hair salon that you might forget to pay attention to the lighting system.

Your salon’s light fixtures will make a huge difference. An excellent lighting system will improve the appearance of your salon, uplift your customers’ moods, and inspire them to browse through your shelves if you have any. However, keep in mind that its primary function is to allow your staff to work comfortably and efficiently on their tasks. Ensure that each station is well-lit and that the lighting is as neutral as possible.

You can take note of this list of the common beauty salon furniture, as well as necessary equipment you may need:

  • Salon chairs
  • Reception desk
  • Salon mirror
  • Beauty couches
  • Footrests
  • Salon waiting seats
  • Washpoints
  • Storage and display units
  • Manicure tables


A salon that is designed well with the right furniture will impress customers and make them feel comfortable. It will also be wonderful place for employees to work. 

In case you need more information, you can follow some tips to avoid wasting money on the wrong products. 

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