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5 Things to Do Before Your First Meeting with a Boulder Architect

When it’s time to meet your Boulder architect to begin designing your dream home, it can be helpful to already have some things prepared. These meetings become much more beneficial for everyone involved if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for with this building project. Here, we’re taking a closer look at 5 things you should do before your very first meeting with your architect. Whether you’re in Boulder or anywhere else, these first meetings will get you started on your path to that perfect dream home. 

5 Things to Do Before Your First Meeting with a Boulder Architect

It’s important to make the most of the time spent with your architect. To do so, there are some simple things you can do before your first meeting with your architect to help everyone get on the same page so your project can get started.

But what exactly can you do to help be prepared for this first important meeting? Keep reading for some helpful tips concerning some things you can do before your meeting to help everyone involved.

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  1. Know what you’re looking for: this may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by just how many people may not know what they want before meeting with an architect. Of course, the big picture may be obvious as you decide whether or not you’re looking to build a trendy loft downtown or a cabin up in the mountains. But digging a bit deeper, it can be beneficial to have a clear idea in your mind as to the key elements you want. What are the non-negotiables when it comes to creating your dream home? List out all the things you absolutely know you’ll need, such as size, number of rooms, or even some design elements to help get the ball rolling.
  1. Use an organization app: to help you get all your ideas in one place, consider downloading the best organization app. These easy-to-use apps are convenient and can help you gather and store all your ideas and inspiration in one place. Since you can then access your photos, videos, links, notes, and other digital files from any Wi-Fi capable device, your inspiration and ideas will always be just the click of a button away. Storing all your ideas in one place can help you get a better vision of what you hope the end project will look like. These apps also let you share your files and folders so you can share directly with your architect whenever you need.
  1. Be honest with your budget: while there are many common restrictions with any building project, budget is probably the most common—and the most important. It’s beneficial for everyone involved if you can be as upfront and clear about your budget from early on in the process. This can also enable your architect to provide better guidance for your project. Love it or hate it, your budget will dictate almost every choice you’ll make
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: your meeting is the time and space to get all those important questions off your chest. Some people, however, may feel hesitant to ask certain questions as so much of the project is beyond their experience. But that’s okay. It’s important to remember that you’re working with experts here for a reason. Your architect will be open to answering all your questions, so it’s not a bad idea to jot some down before your meeting so you won’t forget to ask anything important. It’s also fine to follow up with additional questions that are bound to pop up as you get more involved with the building project.
  1. Ask about previous projects: in some cases, learning more about previous projects can be an excellent way to both get inspiration and learn more about your potential architect partner. This will also be one of the easier questions you end up asking during your entire meeting. Most, if not all, architects are proud to show off some of their previous projects. Asking to look at a portfolio or some photographs will show your interest and give them a chance to show off their amazing work. You can also do some research and go online for reviews about the architect. While not every review will be helpful, it can give you insight into working with this architect. And if you’re seeing mostly negative reviews, this could be a red flag that you should continue looking elsewhere for help. 

Conclusion – 5 Things to Do Before Your First Meeting with a Boulder Architect

Embarking on building your dream home is one of the most exciting journeys you can take. However, before even your first meeting with your local architect, you should do your homework to ensure these meetings are productive. Before your first meeting with your architect, take some time, do a little research, and try to develop a clear picture as to what exactly you’re looking for with this project. Come to the table with a clear idea of what exactly you’re looking for, especially emphasizing things you know you want. If you’ve envisioned a certain floor plan or the number of bedrooms, don’t hesitate to hold firm to what you want. That is, as long as your budget allows for these details.

Be upfront and honest about your budget and goals. The more communication the better in these early stages of designing a home. Come prepared with questions and don’t hesitate to be open about the finer details of your project. You can also use this initial meeting as a chance to view their portfolio and previous projects to get a better idea as to what working with this architect will be like for you. The first meeting with your architect is an important first step on what hopefully is one of the more rewarding experiences you’ll have in the home building process. Hopefully, this first step gets you started on that path toward finding yourself in your dream home.

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