5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

Of all the different styles of bed sheets available on the market, Organic Hemp Bedsheet is considered to be the safest and most luxurious of them.

A bed sheet that was a requirement in your bedroom is now considered a matter of aesthetic appeal. Nowadays, most people buy bed sheets for their room according to their personal taste and mood.

There’s a lot of things to consider in the type of bed sheets you lie in. A designer bed sheet will always add a stylish twist to your bedroom.

Here are the things you need to remember before buying a bed sheet for your room:

1. Know the right size

Single, double, queen, king, pick your bed sheet according to the size of your bed. Measure the width of your mattress and apply 2 inches to either side as you need the right cloth to position it in. If you’re buying cotton bed sheets, buy a larger size as it shrinks over a period of time.

If you’re not happy about that, weigh up before applying to the basket. Some of the beds have more unusual dimensions, such as small single beds or European double beds, and it pays to get the right size.

Please also take into account the width of your mattress. Whether you have an extra deep mattress or a topper on your mattress, you would need a bed sheet with “deep” mattresses in mind.

Remember, getting the wrong size bed sheet sure does make a difference. A bed sheet that’s too small won’t fit properly, so you’re still going to get it back in. Bedsheets that are too big will quickly look dirty and be difficult to handle, making the bed hard to sleep in.


2. Know the material

There is a wide variety of bed sheets available from plain cotton to poly cotton and mixed sheets. Cotton bed sheets are widely recommended in a country like India, as they are cool and cozy.

Pure cotton bed sheets are the most costly. The consistency, softness, and anti-allergic properties of this fabric make it unmatched. The only concern is that they are shrinking over a span of time.

An Egyptian cotton bed sheet is durable and one of the luxury bed sheet models. These bedsheets do not contain a pill (fluff shaped on old fabrics) and shed lint.
Pure polyester bed sheets are the most economical choice available, but the issue is that it is difficult to extract stains from this form of the bedsheet.

A silk bedsheet, as the name implies, is very smooth and long-lasting, but takes protection, or else the fabric loses its shine and gradually shrinks.

The best variety of all is, however, the organic hemp bedsheet, that provides you comfort, coziness, and a great level of satisfaction to the user.

3. Consider the effect on the climate

By a study conducted and published by the Yale Environmental Review, while the chemical finishes on bed sheets have a negative environmental effect, their easy-care finish, which usually refers to cotton-polyester blend sheets, prolongs the shelf life, resulting in an 87% reduction in environmental impacts.

The same study also points out that cotton is a water-intensive fiber, because while it can appear more eco-sustainable than a synthetic cloth such as polyester, gobs and gobs of water are used to produce it. Ultimately, the report concludes that ‘lightly colored, combed cotton-polyester blends with ease-of-care bedsheets’ are suitable for customers who give priority to environmental impacts.

Organic hemp bedsheets remove all the claims that the bedsheets can cause harm to nature as they are made from natural processes and use ‘Hemp’ in its manufacturing.


4. Thread count and weave type-

Thread count is the amount of threads spun in a square inch. In terms of thread count, higher thread count means higher efficiency. You have to choose bed sheets with a minimum thread count of 140.

Thread count, the number of threads in each square inch of cloth, was once known to be the single most valuable indicator of consistency, but now we know better. Stuff like yarn fibre, scale, finishing and spinning all play a major role in the overall quality of a board.

Various forms of weaves have clarified-

  • Normal weaving with a minimum thread count of 150 is called soft and smooth.
  • Satin weave is smooth and silky, but it lacks toughness.
  • Twill weave is a little thick, so there’s less risk of wrinkles.
  • Jacquard and Damask woven bed sheets are exceptionally detailed in style and are known to be a luxury variant.
  • Organic Hemp style bed sheets and fabrics

While weave is invisible to the naked eye, bed sheets may be woven differently. The form of the weave influences the softness, appearance, durability, and price of the sheet according to Real Basic. Organic hemp bedsheets are lighter, crisp, and colder during the night. Many people like sateen, too, because of its smooth feel.

5. Know your chemical-free bedsheets

Sheets are also handled with additives to guarantee that they do not wrinkle or lose their form. That said, some factories produce organic cotton sheets with a pure finish, which means they are chemical-free.

While organic hemp sheets can wrinkle more easily than the chemical alternative, many customers choose the organic option. We suggest that you feel the sheet in person and determine what you want before buying it. There are other options to make your bed cozier, but organic hemp is the healthier one to go for at Delilah Home!

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