5 Things to Check When Exploring Homes for Sale in West Roxbury, MA

West Roxbury, MA is an ideal Boston suburb with streets lined with an Italian steakhouse, post-war ranch-houses, and a ritzy grocery store. Despite being a quiet neighborhood, it is not away from the action, as you can reach the city center within 30 minutes. The Center Street, which is the main thoroughfare of West Roxbury, is glamorous with several coffee shops, a Boomerangs outlet, a burrito joint, and a bakery. 

All these features make it a popular place to settle down, especially for young families. Whether you dream of living in a single-family home with a little yard or you want a condo for accommodation, West Roxbury can be your ultimate destination. Are you searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA? Here are five things you must check.

1. Amenities

While taking a house tour, give attention to the property’s amenities, including wooden grain floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Ranging from the microwave oven and air conditioner to furniture and lawn equipment, check what is included in the property’s price. Properly inspect the cupboards, walls, and roofing, and look for any signs of damage.

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2. Location

West Roxbury is a safe location with a crime rate of only 1.9%. However, apart from being safe, your home location should also be at a walkable distance from public transportation, shopping places, office, school, hospital, and other necessary services. If you have relatives and friends in Roxbury, make sure that the property you are planning to buy is situated near them. There should also be a park, playing ground, gym, mall, and other necessities you need to live comfortably.

3. Space Availability

Properties come in all sizes and shapes, but the size of the house you choose largely depends on your budget. The bigger your budget is, the more space you can buy. However, it is essential to buy a property that can comfortably accommodate your family size. Apart from the living room and kitchen, it should have a sufficient number of bedrooms and bathrooms. A yard or private outdoor space is also preferable. Give attention to the size/square footage of the property before finalizing a deal.

4. Condition

The cost of repairs and renovations can significantly add up the property cost. Property in West Roxbury can be divided into three categories:

  • Ready to Move in: It is a new or recently renovated property where you can quickly move in and start your life.
  • Minor Update: There might be minor cosmetic issues that you may quickly resolve and move in.
  • Major Renovation: A house that needs significant renovation is cheaply priced, and you get an opportunity to customize it. However, you have to invest some money and time in doing the needed repairs.

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Instead of looking at petty issues like the paint job, give attention to the costly issues that the property might have, such as damaged roofing, old HVAC system, water damage, plumbing issues, exterior cracks, uneven flooring, etc.

5. Price

The typical property value in West Roxbury, MA is $609,450, with an average per sq. ft. price of $440.17. However, this price differs as per the types of properties available. Over the last year, the price of homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA, has gone up 8.2%, and experts predict it to rise more over the coming year.

The price of property largely depends on its size, location, furnishing, and other factors. You need to research a bit, go through a few available properties, and choose the best one that suits your family size, lifestyle, and budget.

Are you exploring homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA? Get in touch with a reputed and experienced real estate expert who can help you find the best property and help you finalize the deal with the best terms.

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