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5 Rules for Choosing a Washbasin for a Bathroom

The washbasin in the bathroom can be not only a functional item, but also a stylish accessory. Five simple rules will help you choose it correctly.

1. Design

A washbasin is as important a part of a bathroom as a bathtub. Do not leave her purchase at the last moment. If you make repairs without a designer, choose all the plumbing items from the same collection from one manufacturer to create a holistic composition in a single style.

2. Dimensions


Carefully plan the placement and dimensions of the plumbing. The collections of famous brands include products of several sizes and different installation methods. For compact bathrooms, it is worth considering the option of a hanging or corner sink.

3. Communications

You need to decide on the type of shell in advance. A hinged sink suggests that pipe wiring should be hidden in the wall. Otherwise, communications will look unaesthetic and it is better to hide them by installing washbasins of the following models:

Sinks with pedestal

Sinks with a semi-pedestal. They make space under the sink, hiding the pipes and siphon. However, when installing such an accessory, it is necessary to have the outlet of the water pipe in a certain place.

Sinks with a curbstone. The most practical option. The cupboard not only allows you to hide part of the communications, but a great way to arrange the bathroom accessories in their places.

4. Sink + mixer

When buying a sink, immediately pick up a faucet to it. For example, the center distance of the holes on the sink and the mixer may not match or the spout of the mixer may be too long or short for the size of your model. The stream of water from the mixer should flow directly into the center of the washbasin. Often, factories produce collections of sinks with faucets specially designed for them, which are ideal and fit well in design.

5. Material

Pay attention to the quality of ceramics. It should not be hollow inside. Ceramics for making sinks are of two types: faience and porcelain. Earthenware – cheaper, brittle and prone to cracks, pollution. Porcelain is denser in structure, it looks whiter than faience, more resistant to mechanical damage. More expensive.

Many sinks of medium and premium class are additionally protected by antibacterial and dirt-repellent coatings based on silver ions, polymers, etc. Due to the applied protective layer, the dirt is not absorbed, but rolls down the sink with a stream of water, leaving no residue on a clean surface.

Which washbasin is better for the bathroom?

On the wide sides of the sink, you can put care and hygiene products. And also (to create an atmosphere) candles, flowers and more. Such a sink is good for a washing machine and will organically look in small bathrooms. In such cases, it is installed on a countertop or cabinet, hiding household appliances. Under the countertop, you can also put a basket for dirty laundry or any other accessory indispensable in the bathroom.

The overhead wash basin-bowl is a very fashionable solution. He is able to become the highlight of the interior of the bathroom and collect numerous compliments from your guests. And also, it is convenient – in case of malfunctions the sink can be easily removed, and then put into place.

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