5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Ducted Air Conditioning System

A ducted air condition system is designed with a central fan coil. That is then connected to designated spaces through a network of ducts that allow you to cool your entire home or office building. The tubes are the channels that carry cooled air from the central fan coil through your space and remove warm or stale air. The duct air conditioning system is best for larger areas and can be installed in new home buildings, and larger commercial spaces. If you are looking for a classy and seamless installation on your property, the duct air conditioning system can be your perfect option.

Top air conditioning Melbourne companies recommend duct air conditioning systems, primarily houses with two levels or many rooms. Some of the benefits you get when installing the duct air conditioning system include; zoning and control, noiseless, cost-effective, aesthetics, and power.

Zoning And Control

Zoning And Control

The ability to cool every part of your house and regulate the temperatures of individual rooms is one of the most significant advantages of air duct air conditioning systems. That means that depending on your unit and zone control system, you can set varying temperatures for all the spaces allowable in your zones.

Unlike the window or wall A/C that gives you one warmth for all, the duct air conditioner offers you options to customize temperatures in your spaces and allows you to turn on and off temperature control in unoccupied rooms. With ducted air conditioning, everybody gets to enjoy their preferred temperatures without interfering with the central system. It keeps the air distribution even in all the rooms giving you comfort and peace of mind. During winter, you can also have a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner to help you continue enjoying your space.

Extra Noiseless

A noisy air conditioning system can deprive you of your peace and even cause you sleepless nights. Unlike the traditional split system air conditioning units that produce constant humming and noise, some ducted air conditioners are almost silent. With ducted air conditioning, the compressor system is placed outside the house away from the rooms to enjoy peace of mind and your desired climate.


Air conditioning power bills can be high, especially when you have several units installed in your home. With duct air conditioning, you do not need to invest more than one to cool the rooms. You also have control over the temperature regulation in each place, and you can turn off temperatures in unoccupied spaces. Because it is a central system, it is easy to control cooling in select areas.
The zoning systems help you save air conditioning running costs. Installing multiple air conditioners in homes with two levels is costly and needs space and maintenance for each unit. Installation and maintenance costs over multiple rooms make ducted air conditioning a cheaper option to maintain and to manage.


Having an A/C protruding out of your window or wall is hardly an attractive option. One of the most appealing features of the duct air conditioners is that they are almost invisible except the ceiling outlets. This air conditioning system does not get in your rooms design or hang on your wall. Since the only visible signs of the duct air conditioning system are the nondescript vents in the ceiling, it is easier for you to plan your interior design.

Ducted A/C is an excellent option for homeowners who value the appeal of their property. Installation of a duct A/C to an existing house doesn’t cause much destruction, and it doesn’t restrict your designs if you are building a new home.


Another great benefit of installing ducted air conditioning is that it offers you faster cooling time. It cools the entire house within minutes of being turned on. You do not have to move from one room to another to turn on the air conditioning. This centralized system’s power allows you to instantly control the temperature of the entire house from the comfort of a central point.


Installing a duct air conditioning system adds value to your property and increases the resale value. With a duct air conditioning system, you can control the temperature in every room in your house. The flexibility that comes with the zoning system allows everyone to enjoy their space without interfering with temperatures in other parts of the house. Duct air condition is convenient for more substantial areas, is cost-effective, and does not interfere with your interior design.

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