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5 Reasons to Read the Journal of Career Development

Landing a job has never been an easy task. It takes time and energy to realize what you want to do, find a relevant job opening, craft a winning resume, land an interview and then finally land a job. This process has become even more difficult, since the Covid-19 pandemic has changed employment in many different ways.

One of the most drastic changes is the rising unemployment rate. More and more people are being made redundant, and so the competition among job seekers is getting tough. To apply for different positions in the hope of drawing recruiters’ or employers’ attention is not the best strategy. You should start thinking about the ways to raise your chances of getting employed.

In this article, you’ll find out about the reasons to read the Journal of Career Development. The articles published in this academic journal might shed light on how to improve your job search, get more interviews and invest in your career.

Stay Up-to-Date

The Journal of Career Development has been published since 1972. Its main goal is to provide the up-to-the-minute ideas, concepts and theories in the sphere of career development. This might interest both students and people with a qualification in a particular field and some work experience.

In it, you might find information on different sources of resume construction assistance. For example, turning to a career advice expert or a resume builder service to get professional help. Also, you might want to search the journal for the key skills that you should mention in your resume to make a recruiter notice your job application.

The Journal of Career Development can help you stay informed about the latest top-notch research that covers many different topics within the field of career development. For example, the topics such as diversity in the workplace, career transition and work-life balance.

Find Inspiration to Create a Bot-Beating Resume

You might think that it’s the hiring manager who goes through all the resumes and selects those who suit the job requirements the most. Yet, nowadays many corporations use an applicant tracking system (ATS), which is a software that actually handles the applicant tracking process. The main purpose of an ATS is to filter applications.

If your resume doesn’t match the criteria or the keywords of the ATS, a recruiter won’t ever see it. And no one wants to hear some ATS bots tell their resume, “You shall not pass.” Thus, you should regard the Journal of Career Development as a source of inspiration. This can help you make sure that a recruiter does get to find out about your accomplishments.

Pay special attention to the articles that explore resume-scanning software. Also, try to find out as much as possible on the requirements for your dream job. It’s most likely that these requirements are used as specific keywords, based on which the ATS bots filter all the CVs.

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Learn How to Make a Career Change 

Career transitions is one of the main topics that are covered in the Journal of Career Development. It’s especially relevant in the time of Covid-19, as many people have to not only change their workplace, but even their specialization. That’s why you might want to make use of the articles on the career transition facilitation.

Importantly, these articles can be helpful not only for those in the position of a job seeker, but also for people who work as career counsellors. Backed up by the research on career transition, they can learn about helpful tools for their clients to boost their self-efficacy.

The academic journal can help you with different theoretical aspects of career change. Yet, you might also want to learn about some practical steps as to how to change the course of your career. If there’s a job you’d like to try doing, try to arrange for a job shadowing. This simple technique might help you make sure this profession is a good fit for you. 

Maintain a Work-Family Balance

Struggling to keep a healthy work-family balance? Then it might be a good idea to learn more about this problem. Just search the journal for the articles written specifically on this topic and deepen your knowledge about the matter.

You can learn about work-family conflict and work-family enrichment in this academic article. The authors suggest that organizations should use high-performance work systems (HPWSs). In short, these are practices to boost employees’ performance and motivation. They can improve work-family balance as well as employees’ well-being at work. 

Also, such practices help prevent work-family conflict. It happens when an employee feels overwhelmed by both professional and family roles. As a result, they might suffer from work stress and decreased personal well-being.

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Learn About Burnout

Job burnout is a work-related stress, which signals that you’re physically and emotionally exhausted from your work. It might be caused by work-life imbalance, unclear job expectations and negative dynamics at the workplace. 

As job burnout can affect your physical and mental health, you should be able to spot it as soon as possible. Do you feel like you have to force yourself to go to work, lack concentration and get irritated whenever you have to interact with colleagues? These might be the symptoms of job burnout.

The Journal of Career Development can help you find some useful methods to combat burnout. For example, according to this article, this can be done by increasing awareness about the social value and impact of your job. In fact, the research results suggest this strategy should be employed at the organizational level.

Wrapping Up

The Journal of Career Development is a great source for you to get to know the ins and outs of the career development process. Each academic article offers not only great theoretical basis but also practical implications. Both individuals and organizations can find the research results useful.

Read this academic journal to stay up to date and draw inspiration for your own resume. Also, it can help you learn about pitfalls of career transition. Finally, some of its articles can teach you to keep a work-family balance and prevent job burnout. 

With this information in mind, you’ll definitely succeed in your career!

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