5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a HVAC Company

How do you find an HVAC company that’s right for you? The truth is – there are as many types of HVAC businesses to choose from as there are homes for them. And with the economy the way it is today, many people are wondering if they should HVAC contractors or turn to the cheapest option – a service aircon. Here’s a list of the top questions to ask when you’re looking to hire an HVAC contractor:

Are all of the employees certified? You don’t want to hire air conditioning and heating installation companies that only offer substandard workmanship and performance. Best Companies have someone on staff that is certified and has the proper certifications. Also, be wary of those that offer “short-term” installation services. Many of the top HVAC companies offer long-term contracts and provide regular, quality service.

HVAC installation experience

How many years has the HVAC contractor been in business? A lot of contractors start out with some degree of experience, but as time goes by, some realize they aren’t cut out for the job. Ask for references from previous customers and make sure you are hiring an experienced professional with many years of HVAC installation experience. Hiring an experienced HVAC contractor can lead to unexpected problems with air conditioning, heating, duct cleaning and other parts of the HV AC installation process. Make sure you have a contract for the entire installation process and don’t sign one until you understand every detail.

HVAC Company1

How many technicians are on staff? When it comes to having an HVAC contractor on staff – it’s all about numbers. Hiring technicians with extensive experience will make sure the new one is installed properly and up to code, saving you money and valuable time in the future. If a technician has never installed a HVAC before, it’s best to opt for the professionals.

Important aspects of the HV AC installation

Are all technicians on the same page? It’s important for HVAC contractors to work in unison, especially when it comes to important aspects of the HV AC installation, such as ductwork and heating systems. Working in cohesion allows for smoother trades and more efficient work. Trusting your contractor to follow your instructions and stick to a schedule is essential.

Are the technicians experienced with all types of heating & cooling? All heating and ventilation contractors should have experience installing, repairing, servicing, and maintaining all types of HV ACs. Not only should technicians know how to fix common electrical and plumbing problems, but they should also know how to service all types of HV ACs, such as window, tank, and central air conditioning (HVAC) units. Contractors who don’t specialize in ventilation and air conditioning installation will likely have incomplete knowledge of ductwork and cooling systems. The wrong contractor can cause costly mistakes that are difficult and expensive to fix.

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Are there Digital Gauge testing equipment and digital gauges for refrigeration testing? Digital gauges and thermometers are among the most important tools needed to complete a successful HVAC installation. Thermometers measure the inside of an air conditioning unit to determine whether or not it’s operating at a comfortable level. Digital gauges, on the other hand, gauge the efficiency of a heat pump or refrigerant collection system to ensure that energy costs remain low.

Can the contractor install the system on my own? While many new air conditioners and heat pumps can be successfully installed by an experienced technician, not every HVAC installation is a simple process that can be completed on your own. If you have questions about complicated HVAC installation processes, it’s best to call a reputable HVAC service to complete the job for you. A good HVAC technician will have the technical knowledge needed to correctly install and maintain your HVAC system to keep it in good working order and to reduce your high energy bills.

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