5 of the Most Common Types of Doors to Consider for Your Home Upgrade

If you’re considering upgrading doors both inside and outside of your home, you’re going to want to review these types of doors to pick the best ones!

As you look around your house and consider efficiency upgrades or decor improvements, you’re in good company: the home decor market is a $60B+ industry! But it’s easy to focus on the big things, like kitchen remodels and front landscape ideas.

It may not seem glamorous, but improvements to the types of doors in your house can result in cost savings due to energy efficiency, and a trendy look that will impress guests.

Read on to learn about five different door types that can give your home the “wow!” factor.

Wood Alternatives

While wood options such as oak and maple have stood the test of time, homeowners are excited about wood door alternatives. One popular option is bamboo, which is actually a hard-stemmed grass. Bamboo is a renewable resource and offers a clean look that works great in airy homes with a tropical or beach feel.

Another popular option is doors made of PVC. Yes, that’s right: the same materials that go into pipes and plumbing fixtures! PVC doors are moisture and termite-resistant, making them a good option for high-humidity locations.

Security is Key


For many homeowners, security is a key reason to consider upgraded doors. If this is a concern for you, avoid windows (for privacy and safety reasons) and consider steel as an alternative to wood.

Many security doors also have “multi-lock” features where there are several deadbolts, all tied to a single lock. This makes it nearly impossible for a home intruder to pick the lock or kick in a door.

Form Meets Function

In some spaces, like a narrow bathroom, the function of the door is as important as the style of it. In an area where a swinging door isn’t feasible, consider a pocket door which fits into a wall.

If you have a busy kitchen or food serving area, consider dutch doors. These are like “half doors” where the top can be opened while the bottom remains shut. Perfect for keeping kids or pets out of the way while still opening the room for airflow and conversation.

Welcome Outside with These Types of Doors

For homeowners with welcoming outdoor spaces, consider inviting guests outside through double French doors or sliding glass replacement patio doors. Either option will let in ample light and show off that beautiful pool or patio.

If the amount of glass on these doors concerns you for privacy reasons, consider installing sheer curtains over the doors. This still allows moderate light flow.

Purely Aesthetic

Purely Aesthetic
Let’s face it: sometimes, we just want to show off our home upgrades. Barn doors are a popular “statement” piece right now, especially if you’re going for the country house style.

“Saloon” doors are fun, too! These swing in and out, just like might be found at an old-fashioned saloon. These doors are great for air circulation when you want to still maintain some privacy in a room, like a laundry room.

Which Doors Will You Choose?

The many types of doors shouldn’t be overwhelming. Home decorating and improvement should be fun! Let us help you perfect your home decor vision. Check out the rest of our site today for plenty of great ideas!

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