5 Need-To-Know Kitchen Remodel Ideas In 2021

Make meal preparations more motivating by redesigning your kitchen this year. It’s crucial for your kitchen space to be versatile and aesthetically appealing to inspire you to serve the most delicious and healthiest food recipes for your family. In addition, you can save so much time, energy, and money having a functional kitchen. 

When you know where to find ingredients and cooking utensils, preparing hearty meals is a lot easier and faster. So, how do you want cooking in a beautiful modern or contemporary style kitchen? Or maybe you prefer a rustic look, or a classic elegant kitchen design. What’s trending in kitchen remodeling this year?

Below are some of the kitchen remodel ideas you need to consider this 2021. 

1. Choose The Right Type Of Kitchen Pantry

Have you ever considered installing a kitchen pantry to add value to your home? You probably have one at home but you want to improve it to make it look organized and aesthetically pleasing. When you’re fond of bulk buying grocery items, you can keep your kitchen supplies and stock ingredients, like dry herbs and spices, in your kitchen pantry.

Kitchen pantries provide excellent working and storage spaces, which come in different types, such as the following:

  • Butler’s Pantry: This kitchen pantry is a separate space or room usually used to store extra serving dishes, appliances, and special kitchen items you don’t use every day. A butler’s pantry can include shelving, worktops, sinks, drawers, and extra electrical appliances.
  • Walk-in Pantry: This pantry has a big storage space that you can walk into. It can be located outside or within the kitchen. 
  • Pantry Cabinet Or Built-in Pantry: This full-height cabinet is part of the kitchen, featuring extra integrated storage solutions. Built-in pantries are customizable. You can use them to store dry food, glassware, tableware, and other kitchen items you need.
  • Others: The other types of kitchen pantries you can choose from installing in your kitchen include a freestanding pantry, a wall pantry, and a slide-out pantry. 

2. Shift To A Smart Kitchen

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most popular home design trend is having a smart home, which includes a smart kitchen. There’s a high demand for touchless technology to minimize microorganisms and possible infection around the home. 

So, how do you redesign your kitchen to make it a smart space? Here are some smart kitchen remodeling ideas to consider this 2021:

  • Install A Touchless Faucet: One of the key design trends that industry influencers include this year is touchless faucet technology. Whether you want to wash your hands or the raw ingredients you just bought from the supermarket, it’s important to keep your hands and food clean by installing a touchless faucet. With hands-free activation and operation, you don’t have to touch the faucet to turn it on, thus limiting the spread of germs. 
  • Install A Touchless Trash Can: Innovative trash cans have a touchless lid mechanism that helps minimize germs and improve kitchen hygiene. Choose one that’s made of stainless steel for durability and modern design. 

Modern pantry interior design.

Modern pantry interior design. 3d rendering concept

3. Galley Kitchen Design

Because of work-from-home set up this year, homeowners need to find a space for a home office set up. Hence, residences with limited space need to redesign their kitchen area to make it simpler and space-efficient. One of the emerging kitchen design types is a galley kitchen. 

Galley kitchens make use of cabinets and other kitchen areas in a more efficient way, which involves two rows of cabinets facing each other. Unlike other kitchen designs, galley kitchens don’t have corner cupboards, using every space available. This kitchen design isn’t complicated and is more affordable than others with fewer appliances.

4. Redesign Kitchen Drawers

Organizing your kitchen is important to avoid a messy look. One of the common mistakes when organizing the kitchen is digging through cabinets. Bottom kitchen cabinets can be difficult to reach. 

So, when you remodel your kitchen, make sure kitchen drawers are at the leg level. Leg-level kitchen drawers allow you to reach the items you need at the back easily and see everything inside. In this way, you don’t have to stick your head inside the cabinet.

5. Change The Colors

You can change the wall color of your kitchen by adding a fresh coat of paint. Direct opposite colors on the color wheel or complementary hues help create a playful and energizing kitchen space, reducing feelings of isolation, stress, and loneliness.


It’s time to remodel your kitchen to make it more inspiring, functional, well-organized, and appealing. You can add a kitchen pantry to store supplies and organize your space. Installing touchless fixtures can make your kitchen more hygienic, which can also upgrade your home’s value. Remodel your kitchen to accommodate your needs, such as improving your mood and productivity.

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