5 Must Haves in Bali Republic Online Teak Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to the different materials of outdoor furniture, plastic warps and bends. Wrought iron can rust and tarnish. Additionally, some wood furniture can be bulky. Teak, however, is one of the strongest woods in nature. With its tight grain, it can withstand the elements and the strains from daily use. As such, it is a perfect material for outdoor furniture. Because it is the perfect material to withstand the harsh UV rays and effects of rain, there are not many problems associated with it.

In fact, one of the only problems is knowing the best items to buy. This is actually a good problem to have, but it can be significant. Bali Republic Online Teak Outdoor furniture is often made in small batches. Because of its popularity, it is important to purchase what you like when it is available. Otherwise, it could be gone, leaving you looking for another fantastic model.

1. Bali Outdoor Bench Seat 150

At 28 kg, this bench seat is both lightweight and sturdy. At 150 cm in length, it can easily accommodate three adults, sitting side by side, or four children. As such, it is the perfect sitting area for outside family events and cookouts.

The finely sanded, ultra-smooth finish allows you to enjoy the feel of the teak wood and the appearance of the grain. Additionally, because it is made of teak, it requires little actual effort to maintain. The most you have to do is wipe with a damp rag if you happen to spill anything on it.
Bali Outdoor Bench Seat 150

Additionally, the cushion is also weather resistant, ensuring comfortable seating for years to come.

2. Padang Single Seat Outdoor Sofa

This outdoor sofa offers exquisite styling and comfort. The cushion allows you to relax, and the armrests are positioned at just the right position to allow you to lean back and prop your feet up, if you so desire.

Although the sofa works well as a stand-alone unit, it can also be included as a set item, allowing you to fit it in as a side piece with a variety of other sofas, benches, and coffee tables.

Finally, because color preferences might differ from person to person, you have the ability to customize the fabric’s color, which is offered in the following shades.

  • brick
  • canvas
  • beige
  • black
  • charcoal
  • mineral blue
  • macaw

3. Renon Outdoor Table 210

This outdoor table is perfect for families or friends to get together and enjoy a day in the sun. It seats up to six people with three seated on each edge, or it can seat two per edge and one at each end. That said, it is large enough and designed to comfortably seat up to eight adults.

In terms of durability, the only thing more durable than the natural teak is the 304 stainless steel. Because this steel is of a premium grade, you will not have to ever worry about it tarnishing, cracking, or warping.

At 75 cm high, it fits all heights and sizes of people comfortably, allowing for firm placement of the feet on the floor. Finally, this table’s stylish design makes it a perfect centerpiece for a variety of chairs and tables. Because it comes with a 60-month warranty for domestic use, you can rest assured that your financial investment in outdoor relaxation is protected as solidly as this furniture is made.

4. Tembok Teak Outdoor Armchair

The Tembok model is a favorite style for customers seeking a sleek, simple, and sturdy chair for their deck or gazebo. The rustic look fits just about any decor, and the finely sanded teak is beautifully finished. Made from reclaimed teak, it is one of the most responsible chairs ever made–and also one of the most popular.
Tembok Teak Outdoor Armchair
Additionally, the chair can be ordered with or without a cushion, and the cushion color can be customized in up to seven different colors. As such, you are guaranteed a chair that will match any decor.

To protect your investment, you receive a 14-day, money-back guarantee and a 60-month warranty for domestic use.

5. Uluwatu Outdoor Table 100

This square table seats four adults comfortably, but it can also seat two people interested in quiet, intimate conversation. Each side measures 100 cm wide, so it is large enough for a casual morning breakfast with cups of coffee or all the dishes required of a hearty afternoon BBQ.

The finely finished teak sits atop 304 stainless steel, so you know this table will last for years. In terms of delivery, the table comes as a flat package, so some minor assembly is required. Finally, it measures 75 cm high, so the standard height ensures it fits perfectly with any chair or side table.

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