5 Key Reasons Why You Should Create a Mood Board for Your Home

Mood boards do more than just inspire. Keep reading for 5 key reasons why you should create a mood board for your home.

A mood board is a collection of images, photos, colors, text, and materials that serve as inspiration for a particular creative project.

Though they’re mostly used by interior designers, marketers, and graphic designers, you can use them for anything in your life that needs a little organizing.

Using mood boards for your home can help you find your design style, inspire you to switch things up, and even help you declutter your house.

Keep reading to learn why you should create a mood board for your home and how to use it in each room.

1. To Inspire You

The main purpose of a mood board is to inspire you and evoke some sort of emotion. For example, if you want to make a mood board for your bedroom, think about how you feel when you spend time there. You probably feel peaceful, well-rested, and safe, so your mood board will have photos of colors, furniture, people, and art that reflect those emotions.
To Inspire You

2. To Plan Your Space Better

If you’re not sure what to do with a room, make a mood board about it! Put everything you’d like this room to remind you of, including quotes, color palettes, and photos of places or people.
Go a step further and put everything you can think of on the board, and then start removing things one by one. This is a great way to decorate a room without the clutter and find the right items to fill it with.

3. To Organize Your Home Better

Another creative way to use a mood board is for organizing your home better. Go to a room in your house and write down everything you see. Then, try to find similar images to your items and put them on the mood board.

This will help you organize and rearrange the stuff in the room better, and even inspire you to do a complete makeover. Also, if you’re choosing between two or more things, put them on a mood board to decide faster.

4. To Find the Right Design Style

If you’re a brand new homeowner or are considering a renovation, mood boards are the perfect tool to help you discover your interior design style. If you don’t know whether you’re more into minimalistic furniture, industrial style, or a mid-century modern pieces, put all the styles you love onto separate boards.

As you move on, you’ll see which style makes you excited and evokes good feelings in you. By looking at your mood board examples every day, you’ll easily narrow down what interior design style you want for your home.
To Find the Right Design Style

5. To Make You Feel Good

Creating a mood board for your home should be a fun, relaxing activity that’ll get your creative juices flowing. It should make you feel good any time you look at it and inspire you to build your dream home.

In fact, mood boards are very close in nature to vision boards – they’re reminders of the possibility to make your dreams come true.

Create a Mood Board for Your Home

Now that you know how to create a mood board for your home, it’s time to start implementing the ideas and designs.

Start with the room that needs the most sprucing up and work your way from there. You’ll discover options you haven’t considered before that’ll transform your home and life.

Need more interior design inspiration? Head over to our blog where we share the latest industry trends and tips.

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