5 Key Features That Make a Home Sell Fast

Not all homes sell equally. Your next door neighbor could make more money selling off the same piece of property you have, within the same location, perks and all. In order to make your home more desirable there’s some important tips you should follow before you put your home on the market.

Once you have an idea about what features will appeal to buyers, you can direct your resources towards making the right renovations. Things like your location can’t be changed, so you just need to work on aspects that are within your power.

Here are five key features that make your home sell quickly. You’ll want your realtor to highlight these features on the listing, and during the showing of the home.

#1. Central Heating

There was a time when fireplaces were the major focal points in every home, cause family members all gathered together in one spot to hang out or watch TV. But that was way before the era of tablets and smartphones. Even though you’ll still find fireplaces on listings, they have sort of lost their charm, so that properties with them don’t make any significant profit – or return on investment if a home owner decided to have one built in for the sale.

Most potential buyers however, want to know how well your boiler works and more importantly, how old it is. Does it produce enough heat, and a lot of hot water, or will they have to ration out hot water, and pick when to switch on the central heater. Worst? Do they need to replace it completely? As a result, having a fully serviced or new central heater before your property goes on the market can make it sell a lot faster. If your home is located in an area with more winter than sun, then having a working central heater is a necessity, otherwise your property could be on the market for a while.

#2. Freestanding Bath Tub

Freestanding Bath Tub

As practical as showers are in a home, a freestanding bath tub may actually entice potential buyers more. A tub gives the bathroom a more “sanctuary” and peaceful feel, and makes the space a bit homier. The first image that will pop into a potential buyer’s head when he or she sees the tub is him/herself soaking in it and relaxing after a long day. This is an image that’s important to solicit to entice buyers.

Besides, a freestanding tub often gives a potential buyer the idea that the bathroom was recently remodeled, and since not everyone looks forward to buying a house only to learn it needs more work, this is a plus. If you already have a bath tub installed, but you’re afraid the space looks too cramped, don’t take it out, you’ll just reduce the pool of potential buyers (consider families with kids or potential buyers with pets).

Instead of doing a major overhaul, work with what you have. Maybe change a few things in the bathroom to make it look bigger – better lightening, new mirrors, or simply change the taps if they look worn out. Just a few updates, instead of taking out the whole tub.

#3. Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances

Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances
Potential buyers will always be blown away by features that will save them money in the long run. Hence smart devices that in no way infringe on their comfort but help them save money on utility bills can get your home off the market pretty fast. Take one of those cool dishwashers which accesses the extent of dirt on your dishes before determining the amount of water that will be sufficient to get them clean.

Over time, you will have saved a ton of money (no matter how little it may seem at first). Windows with vacuum sealed spaces and invisible glass coating help the home heat up faster, and lose heat less – thereby reducing your heating bill. A house with backup solar power can appeal to buyers, but because they’re still relatively expensive now, solar panels are not something you should include in your renovations when you’re putting your house on the market. The benefit may not be worth the cost.

#4. Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops
HGTV has a generation of millennials who believe granite countertops are must haves in the home. So, even those people who don’t cook will appreciate a kitchen with granite countertops. Hence if you’re really hoping to sell fast, you should really think about buying a granite countertop in your home. Considering half of all presale remodeling take place in the kitchen, this is an obvious overhaul you need.

If you’re having second thoughts about whether you need this much renovation, just check with the National Home Owner’s Association (NHOA) and see what the most popular deal breakers are for potential buyers. It’s because regardless of how up to date your kitchen is, it still won’t have that “gourmet” look without a granite countertop. If you want to take it a step further, get a kitchen island with a granite countertop to give it a Martha Steward kind of vibe.

#5. Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan
Millennials just love open spaces. These spaces are impressive on their own when entertaining guests (for singles) and ideal for watching kids (for families). So, if you have walls sectioning off the living room space – maybe you have a dining area you hardly use (because everyone always ends up eating in the kitchen anyways) – tear it down (or some of it at least) before your house goes on the market.

An open floor plan also allows more light to shine into the home, which makes it look a tad bit bigger than it actually is. Also, the natural light can add a more peaceful and calming vibe to the house.

Before putting your home on the market it’s key to understand important characteristics that make a home more desirable and attractive to potential buyers. You’ll notice that by making a few adjustments to your home, buyers will become more interested in your space. It doesn’t require a lot of money or time to sell your home quicker. You just need to be cost effective when updating your home and consider how the changes will impact the new homeowner.

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