5 Important Factors to Consider Before You Install Window Awnings


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Window Awnings

Window awnings not only enhance the architectural beauty of your home, but also add to the protection from rain, sunshine or harsh weather. As we are aware that most windows are made of wood and being exposed to harsh conditions of the environment tend to deteriorate faster. During the monsoon most of us keep the windows shut to avoid the rain getting inside, doing this, we not only block out ventilation and fresh air but also go through a cramped feeling which can add to our discomfort. Metal window awnings for home keep the interiors cool during summer, and if you have some furniture in your porch or patio, then also you can install these awnings for keeping the furniture safe from sun, wind and rain.

Window Awnings

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Factors to be considered before opting for Window Awnings

1. Material

Awnings are available in aluminum or outdoor fabrics. Though outdoor fabrics have a wider choice in colors and designs, you need to remember that these do require certain amount of maintenance. On the other hand, aluminum awnings have limited options in colors and styles but tend to be sturdier and require less maintenance.

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2. Size

Larger awnings concentrate on the protection functionality factor while the smaller ones are more for the decorative effect it has on the interiors. Window awnings for home are better than the traditional draperies, and you have a wider variety of options when compared to curtains which were in use previously.

Exterior large awnings reduce solar heat gain by up to 65 percent

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3. Stationery, Freestanding or Retractable

Retractable awnings allow the sun into your home during winters. These can work well in places which have extreme and longer winters. These awnings are also available with switches and motors for the convenience. Many of these are available with wind and sun sensors. You can make a choice in accordance to your budget and requirement.

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4. Styles

There is a wide range of styles available in window awnings, like the traditional ones with either open or closed sides, the double bar standard, the dome style, the quarter barrel, the waterfall and a lot more. You need to make sure to have a look at the side panels, the retractable and motorized features and also the different other styles that blend with your home decor.

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5. Color

Make sure you opt for a window awning which blends well with the interiors as well as the exteriors of your home. Besides this, you need to make sure that the color chosen does block the harmful UV rays and can lessen the amount of heat entering your home. Considering all these factors can work well in making the right choice of the window awning.

light colored awnings reflect more sunlight

Black and White Awnings

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Why opt for Window Awnings

It is a known fact that almost 40% of the heat entering your home is from the windows. This is where window awnings prove their importance. They can protect not only your home from the heat but also your furniture which tends to fade when exposed to sunlight. The window awnings work well as energy saver and so can cut down on your energy bills. Window awnings can work out reasonable as you have the option of the DIY kits.

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It is advisable to take the advice of a professional on the style, design and color so that once installed can make the required difference to your home not only in looks but also with the many benefits it has to offer. A little research can help you in making the right decision as there are multiple options available these days and you have a number of manufacturers offering window awnings for home.

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