5 Ideas to Help Keep your Cat’s Litter Box from Ruining your Space


Cats can be awesome and lovable pets, but owning a cat also comes with daunting responsibilities. Some people might say that cats are easier to maintain than other animals. Cats are instinctively hygienic, from cleaning their bodies to using a litter box. However, if you already own a cat you would know that all that is easier said than done. One of the usual downside to owning a cat is cleaning and maintaining a litter box. A litter box might not be a good sight to see in a home or may ruin the ambiance of your place. No need to worry; let me help you figure out the best way to keep your cat’s litter box from ruining your home. Look the PetLovesBest for some of the best litter box for your cat.

We will be listing five ideas or tips that might help in keeping your cat’s litter box and your home nice and fresh.

1. Litter Box Placement

This will be the first tip as this benefits you and your cat. Where you place the litter box is very important, although it may seem that any corner of your house would be fine; there would still be some things that you need to consider. Cats want to eliminate waste in quiet secluded places and not near their food or the place where they usually eat.
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Find a place that is somewhat hidden but still easy to access for both you and your cat. It would be difficult for you to clean the litter box if it’s situated in a very small or narrow space. The litter box should not be near noisy home appliances like a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner as this may cause your cat discomfort and might force them to find another place to eliminate their waste.

A good example would be a guest room bathroom since these rooms are not really used unless of course if you have guests, but most days of the year this room would be free, just make sure the door is wedged so the cat can easily access the litter box. This would also benefit you as you won’t have to explain to anyone visiting you why your cat’s litter box is in the living room.

2. Wash the Litter Box

This might be an obvious tip, but some people forget or completely don’t wash their cat’s litter box. People just usually scoop the waste material and change the litter but rarely to never washes the litter box. So, sometimes you might wonder why you can still smell the bad odor coming from the box even if you’re using scented litter or have changed the litter recently. It is still best to completely wash your cat’s litter box at least once a week before replenishing it with new litter. This will keep the litter box and your home clean and fresh. Besides, cats hate the odor coming from a dirty litter box.

Here’s how you can thoroughly clean your cat’s litter box:

Scoop out the excrement and the old litter.
Using a sponge, dish soap and warm water, scrub the inside of the litter box.
Rinse the box thoroughly inside and out.
Dry it under the sun or simply towel dry it.

3. Replace the Litter Box

Don’t wait for the litter box to be broken before you replace it. A well-maintained litter box can still get worn down for everyday use. Scooping the litter and your cat’s nails can create tiny grooves in the plastic that would be home to bacteria and might cause sickness to you and your cat.
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It is best to replace your cat’s litter box every year. In choosing a new litter box, I suggest you pick something that looks similar to the old litter box so your cat won’t have a hard time adjusting to the new one. An uncovered litter box is better for your cat as well, cats usually dig and scratch before releasing their waste and a covered litter box might prevent them from doing that. You might also forget to clean your litter box if it is covered with the odor and the sight is concealed inside.

When they are a young kitten it can be useful to toilet train your cat. This will ensure the kitty litter doesn’t get spread all over the place and make the room look even messier.

4. Choose the Litter

Choosing the litter depends on your cat as well. The first thing to consider is the scent, Cats’ sense of smell is a lot more powerful than humans’, so it would be better to go with unscented cat litter. Changing the scent from time to time might also be irritating to your cat and might just end up not using the litter box at all. That’s why Kristen from Friendly Claws suggests doing your research upfront so you can make your first choice the right choice. Getting a highly praised odor control cat litter from this list is more likely to please your feline than just picking up whatever brand your local pet store or supermarket happens to carry. If you are worried that not using scented litter might give your house a foul odor, then just sprinkle a little baking soda at the bottom of the box.

Next thing you should consider is the consistency or the “feel” of the cat litter you will be buying. There are a lot of choices out there but a litter with finer grains might be better for your cat as it feels good to them.

The last thing you should consider is your cat’s preference; some cats prefer to defecate outside the house. If your cat has been doing so then it would be a bit more difficult to train them to use the litter box. One way is to place a little amount of cat litter in the usual place your cat defecates outside so the cat would be familiar with the smell and feel of the litter. Another way is to use sand instead of litter, just make sure that you are using fine and clean sand.

5. Simple Litter Box

For people who hate cleaning, an electronic litter box might be the best thing to have ever been invented. I would like to say that it might not be the best choice for you and your cat. Electronic litter boxes can clog sometimes and you would still be forced to clean it. It also has a loud motor which is not really good for your cat and might be annoying for you. Lastly, a basic litter box has more space to move in and your cat prefers that space as mentioned above about the covered litter boxes.
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Happy Cat, Happy Owner

Having a pet makes you a parent and the first thing we need to always consider is our pet’s comfort. So whatever decision you make about your cat’s litter box, make sure it’s approved by your cat. Here you will get a detailed guide of Cat’s Litter Box.

And finally, if you’re willing to bite the bullet, you should check out some of the litter boxes we carry at Tuft + Paw. They’re built into furniture so that they don’t ruin the vibe of your space.

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