Should You Remortgage Your Home In Today’s Economy?


Are you considering remortgaging your home? If so, you may be surprised with the many benefits this move could offer you. However, it is crucial to do your homework prior to making your final decision, because a remortgage comes with disadvantages, as well as advantages. So, you should weigh these before you take the step to borrow money against your home. Below, you will find more information about remortgaging and how you could benefit from making such a move.

Home Improvements

Could Save You A Lot Of Money

If you are like most people, you consider your mortgage to be one of the biggest financial commitments you ever made. Not only does it allow consumers to produce the largest saving, but it also allows them to streamline their largest debt. In fact, if you play your cards right, you could save up to £1,000s each year. The key to receiving these benefits is comparison-shopping, just like you would as if you were going to invest in a high-ticket item, such as a car or high-end computer.

While most people are solely focused on saving money, others will be more interested in streaming their debt. Well, if your existing mortgage is fixed rate, switching to a fixed rate mortgage could save you anywhere from £200 to 500 each month.

Short-Term Mortgages

It is a fact that short-term mortgages offer the best benefits. However, these mortgages will only last about five years, if you are lucky. So, you will most likely need to remortgage when the mortgage ends, which can be a pain. But, if you choose a lender that will is willing to offer you a cheaper rate, you could save thousands.

Instead of waiting until your existing mortgage ends, start shopping for a new lender about three months before your rate ends. This will give you enough time to find the best buys available. Be sure to conduct thorough research to find really helpful mortgage advice from the experts. Do not rely on your gut instincts alone to make this decision, because no one knows better than financial analysts.

Home Value Has Increased

Some homeowners will have their property reassessed to determine if its value has risen over a specific period of time. If you are lucky enough to fall into this category, you could very well discover that you are in a lower “loan-to-value band.” This would mean that you are eligible for a much lower rate, saving you quite a bit of money at the end of each year.

Even though you may need to pay an expert to do the comparison, the results could save you a lot of money. To estimate the actual value of your home, you will need to start by making comparison of recently sold, similar properties in your area. Not only will establishing your home’s market value put you on a more competitive edge, when it comes to remortgage, but also it will give you great control over your property insurance premiums and taxes.

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