5 Bedroom Decor Tips For a Better Night Sleep


The bedroom is your most intimate room, your relaxation haven, and cozy shelter. Aside from having a warm and welcoming decor, the bedroom should also provide you with the ideal space to sleep in. You might already know that you need to have the right lighting and temperature to be able to rest after a long day. However, you may still have some trouble sleeping. This can easily be solved with a bedroom décor upgrade that encourages you to relax more. Sleep is very important to us and that’s why we need an ideal sleeping space. Here are 5 cheap tips that help you make the most of your sleep sanctuary in no time!

Decor with Sleep Symbols

Decor with Sleep Symbols
Furniture symbols work for your brain every time you see objects that carry them. Once you look at a teddy bear or a pillow, your mind connects it to sleep and puts you in a relaxed mood. Dream catchers are such objects that empower a strong message of having a good, nightmare-free sleep. Dreamcatcher patterns and designs have been around for awhile and have a history of symbols that connect to your rest time. They came from the Indian tribe of the Ojibwa and were hung above baby cradles. Indians believed that air is filled with dreams and dream catchers only select the peaceful and beautiful ones. Bad dreams remain trapped there. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of models and patterns and colors to match your overall bedroom décor. For more inspiration about DIY projects that can light up your bedrooms such as dreamcatchers, shabby chic dressing tables, beddings or nightstands read more on DIYFormula.com.

Draw Curtains in Cool Colors

Bedroom Curtains Cool Colors
You don’t need to color your entire bedroom in those shades that create a cozy atmosphere. Many think that warm colors help you sleep better just by being friendlier. However, cool colors are the ones that help you relax and create a sleep-encouraging environment. Choose curtains in cool tones, such as blue or green pastels. Avoid spring green, red, orange and yellow – they send a message of energy. This is also the reason why most Spa centers or doctors’ waiting rooms are colored in light blue. Curtains are the key elements of your bedroom as they determine how much light you gain. You don’t need to decorate the entire bedroom in such shades, as curtains are essential. They determine exactly the amount of light you get.

Install Ceiling Fans

Install Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans are always on trend thanks to their benefits of cooling the bedroom on a warm summer night. Companies develop new models of fans, so you won’t need to purchase that old, light-brown product that is already a bit too famous. You can choose an intense tone for your fan and add an extra sparkle to the bedroom. Ceiling fans have sleep-related benefits as they make a white calming noise while sending a gentle cooling breeze. As they are manual, you won’t have higher electric bills and you can adjust the speed to many models. However, those with allergies need to find a model with nanoparticles on blades to protect themselves from dust.

Set Up a Fireplace

Room decoration with fireplace
Regularly, you need to dim the lights one hour before going to sleep. This way, you encourage your brain to prepare for rest. You can do this by having a small reading lamp. However, an electric fireplace is a safe and easy to use alternative that relaxes you even more. The electric fireplace heater mimics burning wood, coal or natural gas. These products are economical and don’t need a chimney to work properly. You will have a roaring fire which warms your bedroom without risking hurting yourself while using it. Ask a professional to help you get a model that fits your room space and install it. You need healthy air quality while warming your room.

Use Natural Flowers

master bedroom natural flowers
Did you know that lavender decreases your heart rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature? Lavender’s scent can improve your sleep just by being in the room. When you choose to decorate your bedroom with fresh lavender, you will notice that the plant’s purple flowers add color to your window. If you’re allergic to flowers, you may choose artificial scents that reproduce lavender. Other sleep-friendly flowers are Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Pink Jasmine and Gardenia. Make sure that you choose the right plants for your bedroom as some might completely suffocate you while absorbing oxygen.

Sleeping well in your bedroom doesn’t depend only on the décor. You will also need proper bed sheets, a comfortable mattress, dark in the room and much more. Yet, by decorating the room to help you sleep, you avoid ending up with colors or elements that encourage you not to rest. Follow the indications above and you will create a cozy and relaxing environment for your nights.

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