5 Fun DIY Halloween Office Decorations

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be ready to share some scares around the office.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you may wonder how to pull this off.

Don’t worry, there are several tips and DIY decorations you can use in your workplace that will help “spook-ify” the office and make the entire season more enjoyable for you and your co-workers. Keep reading for five fun DIY Halloween office decorations.

1. Black Paper Wreath

Your office door is the perfect place to begin with your Halloween office décor. To create an all-black wreath, you need a few supplies. You need to purchase black ribbon, a Styrofoam wreath, straight pins that have black heads, and black streamers.

Cut your streamers into pieces that are two inches long and then fold them in half. Pin each streamer piece so they overlap around the whole Styrofoam wreath. Use the black ribbon to make a large bow and pin it to the base of your wreath. Leave the ends of the ribbon trailing down from the bow for an eerie look.

2. Skulls and Floating Heads

Skulls and Floating Heads

Regardless of if you have the fancy, crystal skulls you can purchase when you visit this site, or the cheap plastic ones from a local thrift store, they are great for adding a little festive fun to your office space.

Another option is to create your own floating heads. For this, you need a printed picture of a person’s head on a background that is all-white. Think about using your image or one of your colleagues from your office.

Make sure to print the picture on glossy photo paper and that it’s the right size to fit into a jar. Put the picture inside of the jar and then fill it with water and a few drops of green food coloring. You can even add pieces of craft moss or twine for a creepier effect.

3. Cheesecloth Ghosts

If you want to create these ethereal floating spirits for your workplace, you need fishing line, screw eyes, watered down glue, cheesecloth, and mannequin heads.

Make sure to have four layers of seven-foot long cheesecloth pieces for every spirit you want to make.

Place a section of the cheesecloth over the mannequin head and then brush the top of the head with glue. Repeat this step four times on each of the heads. Glue a screw eye to the top of the head and then hang the creation from a ceiling tile or hook with the fishing line.

4. Glass Jar Lights

If you have some canning jars, you can up-cycle some of them to create unique Halloween glass jar lights. All you need is small, battery powered lights, a marker pen, and paint. Paint the jars any way you want. You can draw a ghost face on them or paint them white – it’s up to you.

After you have decorated the jars, turn the lights on and put them inside. Secure the lid on top for a festive, glowing lantern for your desk.

5. Balloon Pumpkins

Balloon Pumpkins
Are you looking for a decoration that everyone in the office can enjoy? If so, make everyone a balloon jack-o-lantern that is filled with treats. You can fill large, orange balloons with candy and then inflate them. Everyone will love the sweet, spooky treat.

Creating a Spooky and Fun Work Environment

If you are ready to transform your office into a spooky, yet fun, workplace, the DIY ideas here should help you get started. Everyone will love the festive environment you create.

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