Cool Down When the Temperature Heats up
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5 Foolproof Ways to Cool Down When the Temperature Heats up

With winter well and truly behind us, it’s time to start looking forward to spring, summer and that hot weather! Waking up to bright mornings, enjoying sunny afternoons spent with family and long, warm evenings sat outdoors. There’s a lot to look forward to when summer rolls around.

One thing many people struggle with, however, is the intense heat. Of course, a couple of days of heat is manageable, but how do you keep yourself cool when the temperature is relentlessly high? Last year saw some of the hottest weather on record and many people felt vulnerable due to their lack of preparation. So, with this in mind how can we make sure that we stay cool and safe in hot weather?

Read on for 5 foolproof ways to cool down when the temperature heats up.

Get your A/C serviced

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Keeping your A/C in good working order throughout the year is the best way to ensure that it won’t let you down when the temperature starts to rise. The best way to do this is to get it serviced regularly – you’ll find reputable AC repair services here, just click the link. If you act now and get your A/C looked at before the warmer months of the year then you’re less likely to have to wait for a service or wait longer for replacement parts.

Stick to light coloured clothing

Loose, light coloured clothing is your new best friend in the summer months. Darker colours absorb heat which means your favourite black leggings and top will make you feel hot and clammy much quicker than a loose-fitting, light-coloured combo. Opt for cotton or linen materials to help wick away sweat and keep your skin feeling fresh in the heat.

Keep your blinds and curtains closed

Keeping rooms cool is important during a heatwave, and although it’s tempting to open the windows and let the sunshine in, you’re effectively just warming up the rooms of your house. You can keep your windows open in the hope of catching a breeze but keep the blinds and curtains closed to keep the temperature down.

Avoid sleeping nude

Avoid sleeping nude
Hot days are often manageable, however, there’s nothing worse than being unable to sleep because it’s too hot and stuffy! The idea of stripping off and sleeping buck naked is definitely appealing however you may end up feeling even hotter and certainly just as uncomfortable. When we wear clothing in bed, it actually works to wick away sweat from our skin and keep us cool. So, opt for a loose, cotton nightshirt or a vest and shorts to keep yourself cool.

Head inside between 12 – 3pm

These hours are the times of day when the sun is at its hottest. So, if possible, head indoors and get some relief. You may find that the temperature has cooled slightly when you head back out again later. If you can’t avoid going out during this time, then make sure you’re wearing loose, light clothing and you’re protected from the sun.

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