Are Cordless Circular Saws Worth it?


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Cordless Circular Saws

There are different types of saws out there in the market. And, they have different functionalities. According to with your needs, you have to choose your ones so that you can do your woodworking comfortably. However, there are three types of circular saws you will see out there for cutting wood. These are sidewinders, cordless and worm drives.

I am not going to talk all about the three different types of circular saws. Instead, only a cordless circular saw is my primary concentration for this article. It can help you in many ways. Being lightweight and having no cord with it, you can take it any cut wood on the roof as well. Yes, with a corded circular saw, you can cut plywood, masonry, steel, lumber, and granite too. But for your lightweight to medium work, a circular cordless saw should be the best option to go ahead.

However, in this article, I am going to tell you why you should use a cordless circular saw and why it is worth it. But before delving into the details, you should know a little bit about the saw you may not know. Or, even if you know, it can help you out.

Design of cordless circular saws

Design of cordless circular saws
Cordless circular saws are of two designs out there you can see. One of them has a blade left and others have a blade right. This is the main difference between the designs. If you are right-handed, a cordless circular saw having left blade should be your best choice. On the other hand, the blade right should be convenient for those who are left-handed. The manufacturers of the circular saws provide these two types of circular saws thinking their consumer’s advantages.

So, are you a left-handed man? Don’t worry because a blade left cordless circular saw will be the best option left for you. It will help you figure out the exact line of your cutting with your own eyes. So, there should be no mistakes while cutting wood or anything you like to cut with it.

Okay! Let’s talk about the worthiness of the cordless circular saw, right?

A cordless circular saw is useful

It has versatility and portability. For your DIY work, it should be one of the best hand tools you should consider. Also, if you are a professional tradesperson, you need the tool. With a circular saw, you can cut plywood for your needs including for roof or bookcase or lumber for framing, you can cut them with ease.

Power is one of the more significant highlights when choosing what is the best cordless round observed, however sadly most makers don’t distribute the entirety of the information on their circular saws.

Blade left and blade right for any users

Blade left and blade right for any users
Which side of the blade does the job more comfortably? Well. It depends on the users. If someone is right-handed, he should go for the left side blade in a cordless circular saw. On the contrary, you need a right side blade in your saw if you prefer to cut wood with your left hand. But in most cases, it has been experienced that the left blade is more popular among the users. Though a blade right saw is the conventional way for a circular saw, it has an advantage too. It is easier for the user to track the base shoe on the cutting wood.

But my inclination is a cutting edge left observed because having the edge on the left half of the saw permits you to observe the cut line. To express the self-evident, it’s constantly simpler to execute an ideal cut when you can see the cut line.

You can cut according to your desired depth

When setting up your roundabout saw before cutting, you’ll need to set the cutting edge generally ¼” more profound than the wood you are going to cut. Most saws have a locking switch and a sliding system or something to that effect to change the profundity of cut. The best round saws make it simple to alter the profundity of cut with one hand.

Final Verdict

From your roof work to making a frame for a bookcase, you can utilize a cordless circular saw. Having no wire or cord with the saw, you are free to use it without thinking that the cord may be stuck at any object while cutting wood. So, finally, I can say that a cordless circular saw is worth it.

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