5 Facts To Consider To Tighten Your Home Security Systems

All it takes is one unlocked window to let the thief enter, steal your precious things and become a threat to your loved ones. One negligence could cost you life and thousands of money. While the stolen belongings can get reimbursed if you have insured them, the life of your loved ones also comes to the stake with an intruder in the house. There are different types are security cameras out there such as the smart security camera that can help to protect your home. Therefore, the need to tighten up the home security systems becomes one essential practice to follow.

No matter how safe you feel inside the house if its security is not intact, it could cost you heavily. So, today we have come up with few tips that need to be pondered seriously if you love your family, their lives and specific materialistic stuff of the house. First and foremost before we being, ensure you have good alarms fitted – for more information, please follow this link: alarm systems perth. Once this basic security element has been addressed, you can move on to more specific security measures.

1. High-quality door locks with reinforce security at every entry point

High-quality door locks with reinforce security at every entry point

The foremost place burglars seek to take an entry inside the house is from the front door. Here, securing the home using a single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt could escape the problem to some extent.

Other than this, if you think keeping the doors locked all the time will solve the problem, then you are wrong. Windows make the favorite place of intruders to smash and make an entrance. They are the high-risk pointers of the house. Therefore, replacing the regular glass from the unbreakable one could help. Also, it’s a good idea to have furniture and other items big enough that thieves can’t take out from the window or door.

2. Using a grading system to gauge the safety

gauge the safety
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American National Standards Institute has graded the lockets into three different sets. Grade 3 locksets endow low-level residential security while Grade 2 locksets are perfect for light commercial building requirements. The best in the category are Grade 1 locksets which provide maximum residential security and are expensive as well.

Apart from the locksets, installing security cameras like one logitech ip camera and security alarms is an excellent way to frighten the intruders. It prevents them from trespassing and keeps them at bay. Getting security cameras installed at every entry point including garden, backyard, and driveway enhance the security. There are loads of different types of cameras that you can get though, and not all of them are expensive.

Likewise, security alarms also discourage burglars from waltzing inside. Once the alarm beeps, it would alert not only you but also your neighborhood to take immediate action. But make sure that you keep the device intact, check the batteries and replace them whenever needed.

3. Fixed outdoors

Fixed outdoors
When it’s about tightening the security of the house, nothing should be left unchecked. From the doors of the patio to that of windows, all need taut protection. If these doors are accessible from the first floor, make sure that they are always shut tight and locked. Installing security bars for the sliding windows and patio doors is also a great idea.

Regularly trim the shrubs, trees, and bushes if you have garden, lawn or backyard in the house. If the branches of the trees are providing easy access to your windows, trim them immediately. These areas make the best place for thieves to hide and then make an entry. Want to have some better ideas besides these? Read here the in-depth guide to securing your home.

4. Lights deterrent intruders

Lights deterrent intruders
It’s a great idea to install lights all around the house and especially in the front and backyard. Hiding and getting covered in the dark is the favorite game of intruders. So, it’s better to keep every area especially the entry points adequately lit.

Lights when used aptly not only help in endowing an alluring look to the house but also keep burglars at bay. You may go for decorative lighting for the front and motion activated lights near the back door and on the sides of the house.

5. Get a Dog

Get a Dog
Dog, being the most loyal animal is a natural security provider. With a dog in the house, you could escape many pointers to maintain the security. Moreover, if the dog is trained, you already win half the battle. With their heightened sense of hearing and smell they have the ability to detect the presence of unknown person long before your other security gadgets.

Dogs not only make a great friend but when it comes to security, they act as a fool-proof alarm system. Extremely observant and highly alert dogs are the assets of life, and if you have one, you don’t have to worry much.

After doing so much work on the security system of your home, sometimes things go wrong in a different way. Like you lost your key or you locked yourself inside the house. So if you are locked out, have lost your keys, need the locks changing or just your key cutting then Locksmiths Dublin can help you with that.

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