5 Creative Uses for Colored LED Home Automation Lighting


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Each colored LED light used for home automation solution consists of three colors which are red, blue and green. Each RGB LED light is made up of multiple LED chips consisting of all the three colors. These three colors when added or subtracted create multiple colors to the tune of almost 16000. The following are some of the ways in which these colored LED lights can be used for decorating the homes-

1) Cove Lighting

Colored Cove Lighting Interior

This type of lighting is one of the easiest ways to create that wow factor in the home. Here, the lighting is built into the valences, so as to direct the light, up, towards the ceiling & down along the adjacent walls. This creates an aesthetic effect and can be used for highlighting the decorative ceilings. Basically, if your ceilings are one of the best features in your home, this is surely something you need to try.

2) TV Back Lighting

This is something which most people are following these days. Watching TV in zero light can cause discomfort and eye strain. When you add the RGB LED lights behind the TV, the lights create an effect of TV popping right out of the wall. This increases the illusion of depth and decreases the strain on the eyes which improves the overall viewing experience.
Colored TV Backlighting Interior
When the lights begin to dim, the TV starts fading into the wall. Due to this, the eyes find it difficult to separate the picture on the screen from the wall. If there is a nice glow behind the TV, the eyes find it easier to distinguish the picture from the wall, allowing it to focus just on the picture, thereby reducing the eye strain. Besides, backlighting also improves the perceived picture quality as the eyes find it difficult to determine the color, without an independent source of light. Thus, with the right amount of backlight, the eyes will have a reference in the form of some color which will make the pictures seem crisper & colors more vivid.

3) Christmas Lights

Colored Christmas Lights Interior
RGB LED lights to come with a 50,000-hour lifespan. These lights are the perfect replacement for the Christmas lights. These lights can be attached using either the aluminum channel or by using the LED strip itself on the roof. The advantage of these lights is that it makes the ambiance look vibrant and warm. Besides, these lights offer a nice color transition which makes the entire lighting look elegant.

4) Outdoor and Indoor Fountain Lighting

Colored Outdoor Fountain Lighting Interior
If you like spending time outdoors, this is surely for you. You may add some effects to either your fountain or your pond or decorate your foliage with color changing lights. These lights when combined with the above mentioned natural elements, it creates some form of Zen effect which is relaxing and calming. With this, you can make your boring outdoors come to life. These LED lights can also serve as LED grow light which aid plant growth. The best LED grow lights basically help those plants in the outdoors where sunlight is scarce..

5) Outdoor Patio Lighting

Colored Outdoor Patio Lighting Interior
When you add LED lights to your porch or patio, you create an inviting atmosphere. And this is a must have, if you are someone who either throws a lot of parties or loves spending time outside. The LED lights add some amount of excitement. And there are multiple ways in which you can install LED lights on the deck. You can use the lights by lining up on a large umbrella, deck cover or the trellis. You can also put the lights under the furniture, which will give it a floating effect. The lights can also be put up along the railing which creates an elaborate and a formal ambiance.

These are some of the ways in which you can use the colored LED lights creatively.

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