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5 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 2020

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you must spice up space by adding decorative storage spots, contemporary kitchen cabinets, fancy hardware, and colorful finishes. Whether you prefer a modern look or traditional look for your kitchen, you need to carefully consider cabinet design ideas because they can solely make or break the entire kitchen look, so you can also replace the kitchen cupboard doors to make it look more attractive. You can visit here for kitchen cabinet design. Read the article for creative kitchen cabinet ideas to steal in 2020:

Metal Grate Cabinets


In 2020, traditional glass enclosures don’t stand a chance for your kitchen cabinets. Display cabinets with the metal grate fronts are an excellent solution if you are looking to make the most out of your kitchen remodeling project. Metal grate cabinets are a happy medium between open and closed storage. When it comes to glass cabinets, you have to set your kitchen essential in a pretty way. But, with metal grate cabinets, you don’t get to see everything lining the cabinet shelves. Nobody can get a peek inside, and you can also add style to your kitchen.

Glossy Floating Cabinets

Glossy cabinets are a great choice to warm up a contemporary kitchen. This cabinet design is all about adding light and improving the interior of your kitchen. It is said that glossy finish on cabinets is best to bounce light back into the kitchen. Glossy floating cabinets in marble, lacquer, and tile designs look absolutely fabulous in a kitchen. This style is the correct definition of maximalist. For a more enhanced look, you can pick something like a backsplash that can go well with the kitchen island and tiles on the floor. The glossy paint finish is suggested to make floating cabinets pop up in your kitchen.

Grooved Kitchen Cabinets

Grooved kitchen cabinets are recommended to homeowners who aim for a perfect blend of class, elegance, and modernism. Grooved kitchen cabinets are typically available in solid wood material. But, you can pick from many cabinet materials, depending on your taste, personal style, and overall home interior. Grooved kitchen cabinets are both cutting edge and modern. They can instantly make your kitchen look stunning. You can also choose bold colors like navy blue, bottle green, dark grey, bright yellow, and vintage red to paint your grooved kitchen cabinets for a more stylish look.

Textured Cabinets


If you desire to add a little drama in your kitchen, or looking to give some character, then you should bring texture to the kitchen cabinetry. Sophisticated textured cabinet designs can make your kitchen area look spacious. Textured cabinets favor the ideas of grooved or paneled cabinets, but they look extra unique. Textured cabinets are trending in a home or kitchen stores because these cabinets are known to stick to the understated style of the kitchen. Yet, they are an excellent option to spice things up in your kitchen.

Distressed Cabinets

Homeowners who are looking to balance out a bold shade in the kitchen should consider distress cabinets. You can even opt for vintage blue, classic pastel, or any other subtle shade to achieve a beautiful look in your kitchen. It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that distress cabinets can offer a perfect classic look for your kitchen that you have probably seen in movies. For distress cabinets, pick a bold color, apply blackened umber glaze on the cabinets, and then paint over with a light-colored glaze—afterward, buff, stipple, and scrap to achieve the timeworn look.

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