5 Common Boiler Problems That You Need to Get Fixed

Most boiler issues pop up when you need to use the appliance, which can be a massive inconvenience. Usually, it is either as a result of aging or the long periods before use, which places extra pressure on your central eating system. Fortunately, many of them can be fixed at short notice by a qualified boiler repair service in Warrington. Here is a look at the most common boiler problems that will need immediate fixing to ensure optimum functionality.

1. The boiler does not heat or provide hot water

One problem you are bound to experience at least once over the period you will own a boiler is its failure to perform its primary function of heating. There are several potential causes for this: broken airlocks and system diaphragms, faults in the thermostat, and low water levels. Faulty motorized valves are another cause for the boiler to fail to heat up and not dispense hot water.

If the issue is low pressure, the boiler may need repressuring, and you can determine this by checking the pressure gauge to see if it is below 1. Thermostat issues may necessitate a replacement of parts. A certified engineer will be better placed to perform any needed diagnostics to determine the cause and appropriate solution.
The boiler does not heat or provide hot water

2. Thermostat issues

Thermostat issues usually involve inaccuracies and or it turns the heat on and off when it is not required to do so. The general cause is the aging since thermostats come with a limited lifetime. If that is the case, you will need to replace yours. However, before replacement, ensure the thermostat is in the on position and its settings regarding schedule and time are proper.

You may also have to consider that your house is warmer than you may think, and the thermostat has been set at lower temperatures. If this is the case, then you will have to adjust the setting in increments until you get to a comfortable temperature. A technician may help you perform the checks and determine whether you need a new thermostat or not.

3. The boiler is noisy

While no boiler operates quietly, strange noises ranging from banging sounds, gurgling sounds, whistling, and kettle like sounds. These sounds result from several factors, all of which require you to get the boiler checked up. The kettle-like sounds are a product of a build-up of limescale and sludge that hinder the flow of water in the heat exchanger. As a result, the water overheats, and as it boils, the steam produces the kettle sounds. The sludge places a strain on your boiler, making it costlier to operate and reducing the shelf life of the boiler significantly if left unresolved.

Any of the following issues cause other noises;

  • A faulty pump
  • Trapped air in the system
  • Low pressure
  • An aging boiler system

The sounds are an indication that you need to have a professional examine your boiler and determine which repairs need to be done.

4. The radiator does not heat up

When the radiators are not heating up, it is generally a result of cold patches caused by a build-up of air or sludge inside the affected radiators. If the problem is the radiator heating up the bottom only, then bleeding it out will solve it. On the other hand, if certain radiators fail to heat up, you need to consider balancing them. Balancing involved adjusting the valves in all the radiators so that each gets sufficient hot water to work efficiently.
The radiator does not heat up
Both bleeding and balancing radiators can be done without professional help if you are up to the task by following a comprehensive online guide. However, if you find the task challenging or the problem is not solved, call a professional to clean or flush the system.

5. The boiler has low pressure

All you have to do to tell if your system has a low pressure is to check the readings on the pressure gauge. If it is below one, you have an issue causing that low pressure, and it will affect the whole central heating system. Potential causes include malfunctioning, leaks, worn out, or defective pressure valves. If you can identify the direct leaks, then a solution is more straightforward since a technician will come to fix it.

Certified technicians should conduct all boiler repairs for safety and quality work. While some of the checks and fixes may appeal as DIY projects, unless you have proficiency and can follow provided guides and manuals, you are better off calling an expert.

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