5 Clever Backyard Pool Ideas for a Fresher Look

Having a pool in your backyard is the dream for a lot of families. Visions of backyard barbeque parties and family gatherings circle in your head. However, after years of use, that dream pool might seem more like an eyesore.

If you’re looking for some fresh ways to update your pool, we’re here for you. Read on for some of the coolest backyard pool ideas to stand out in the new decade.

Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking to throw night time pool parties, good lighting is a must. Nobody wants to hang out in a dark backyard next to a dimly lit pool. You need to make sure that both the pool and the backyard pop.

LED Lights are a great way to make the pool itself look like a tropical paradise. Bright colors are inviting and will turn a group of people hanging out next to the pool into a full-on pool party. Many LED lighting setups allow for different colors, so you can set the mood however you please.
Lighting Ideas

Landscape lighting is also important for making your backyard pool stand out. Adding string lights to the fence gives your backyard a more homey feel. For an even cooler backyard lighting idea, try stringing lights from your roof to the top of your fence, so you have lights hanging over the pool.

Pool Deck Ideas

The area immediately surrounding your pool is almost as important as the pool itself. If people don’t want to hang out next to the pool, it’s not likely that they’ll go into the pool.

Adding UV-resistant chaise lounges or sectionals to the pool deck encourages people to hang out near the pool and also gives the pool a hotel or resort feel.

If you want to go big with your backyard pool update, consider a pool deck resurfacing. This not only updates the look of your pool but can help repair any existing issues. From making your deck more slip-resistant to making it cooler to those bare feet, resurfacing your pool deck has benefits beyond just looking better.

Other Backyard Pool Ideas

No matter your budget, there are plenty of other fun ideas to spruce up your backyard pool area.

Adding a sound system is a great way to liven up the pool area. Whether it’s a full-on speaker system attached to the house, or simply a floating speaker that you connect via Bluetooth, adding music to the mix is always a good idea.
Other Backyard Pool Ideas
Plants are a great way to give your backyard a more natural feel. Whether it’s simply adding some potted plants or going big with a vertical garden or some small trees, adding a little greenery goes a long way.

Beyond the Backyard

Hopefully, these backyard pool ideas have you excited to improve your pool area and start hosting the parties you’ve always dreamed of this year.

If you want to improve the rest of your home as well, you’re in the right place. From interior tips to home repair, keep reading to make your house a dream home.

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