5 Classic Kitchen Flooring Options

With kitchen flooring options (as with many types of items), you generally don’t go wrong when it comes to the classics. If you’re thinking about upgrading the look of your kitchen, then these are the flooring options you’re looking for: 

Ceramic (Especially Porcelain)

Ceramic tiles have long been a favorite flooring option for the kitchen. Ceramic is made from clay, and then baked to a finish in a kiln. Porcelain is technically a type of ceramic, though it’s made from more refined clay and then it’s fired at higher temperatures. 

Ceramic tiles are quite durable, and they come in a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes, and styles. They can even look like natural stone or wood. 

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can handle messes and spills, though these messes can stain grout. Porcelain tiles are harder than regular ceramic, which makes them last longer. They’re 100% waterproof and they can deal with just about any stain. 

On the other hand, some finishes may lead to slippery tiles, so go with slip-resistant tiles if possible. DIY installation isn’t easy, so professional installation is recommended. 

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This has become one of the most popular flooring options in recent years, especially for the kitchen. This is especially true when you opt for the “luxury” vinyl tiles or even planks. They are not the same as the linoleum floors of yesteryear. 

You can go with the wood look, or the stone look. There’s an almost infinite number of colors and patterns you can pick from. 

These tiles are completely waterproof, and that’s why some people have even used this flooring for the bathroom. Vinyl also deadens sound. That means you don’t make as much of a ruckus when you keep on banging pots around. The vinyl flooring is installed “floating” over the subfloor, and it works for basements as well. 


This is a classic option you’d see in older homes (or in modern homes built to look like older homes). But then again, in the old days there weren’t all that many alternatives to hardwood in the first place. 

Nowadays, hardwood remains a classy choice, and it’s a rather expensive option. But lots of people feel that it’s worth the expense, and not just for the elegant vibes. The solid hardwood floors are warm, and extremely durable. Unlike other flooring options (like laminates), hardwood can last for a long time due to refinishes and re-sanding.

Hardwood floors are also water-resistant, but they’re not actually waterproof. Yes, they can deal with spills with no trouble, and can deal with moisture better than standard laminate planks. But they’ll get damaged if you subject these planks to long-term exposure to water. So, if you don’t take care of spills right away, you’ll end up ruining the floor in the long run. 

Still, most households know about the importance of taking care of spills in the kitchen right away. After all, spills and messes can lead to accidental falls, and no one wants that. As long as you take care of the spills within the day, you’re all good. 

And hardwood is just so attractive that it’s hard to resist. It can deal with lots of traffic, and that’s great for the kitchen. In lots of households, the kitchen is basically the center of the home for social interaction. It’s where people go to cook, eat, and talk with friends and family. So, it’s a great place to show off the natural beauty of the hardwood. 

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Laminate Flooring

In many ways, going with laminate flooring is like getting the looks of hardwood without the expense. And while hardwood flooring installation needs a professional’s touch, that’s not the same with laminate. An experienced DIY home expert can do this on their own, with the right tools. Once you figure out how to attach the planks and find the easiest way to cut laminate flooring, it’s all a matter of following what you see in the YouTube tutorial videos. 

It is true that some people find laminate flooring rather unsuitable for the kitchen. That’s because laminate flooring is traditionally not good with moisture at all. 

But in recent years, there have been some laminate flooring products that are virtually waterproof. These premium laminate planks often come with at least 20 years under warranty, and some even come with lifetime warranties. 

There are now even some laminates with textured surfaces, so they even feel a bit like hardwood. While laminate still doesn’t quite match the actual look and feel of real hardwood, laminate sure does come a lot closer than it ever has. 

Natural Stone

Like hardwood, getting natural stone for your kitchen can be a pricier proposition. Granite is a good choice, but you may be paying even more with options like marble. But they sure do look gorgeous, and their colors and patterns are all natural. 

It’s true that natural stone tiles need a bit more care than ceramic and porcelain. Usually, once the installation is done then the flooring has to be sealed. And it will need to be resealed at regular intervals. But after the sealing, they’re tough and durable, and they don’t mind spills at all. 

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