5 Cheap Things That Can Make Your Home Look Expensive

It is very hard to design your home high-end looking, especially when you have a limited budget for this. There are number of things you can buy at cheap price to make your home look expensive ranging from cheap art, flowers and plants, cheap furniture, lighting and in the end add some moulding at the baseboard, ceiling or chair rails.

1-Go Big With Art

Go Big With Art

“Art can never be overlooked”

yes, art is just not like the random pictures that you see and can move. It is like that girl whom you are in love with first sight. It is like the opportunity that you never want to miss.

In my Opinion, Art importance in the home is just, as the importance of water for a thirsty crow.

An art is, a sign of inspiration for the heart, it is recognization of our emotions, a step towards solidarity and closeness with antiquity.

Regardless of these benefits, Art plays an important role to describe the nature of people living in that place. So if art is not in your checklist for shopping then it’s worth adding it in the top of the list and surprisingly this worthy thing can be afforded easily in your limited budget.

Moreover, art is a very powerful way of expression for the art maker the one who own it. Artwork enables you to express your interest, feelings and personality by just hanging some artwork at your room walls. You don’t need to buy expensive artwork from the market, you can also buy cheap art just make your selectio perfect to look elegent and beautiful while hanging in your room.

2-Display Flower and Plants

Flowers and plants
have you ever received a flower bouquet?


No worries. Just think about that particular moment and It will bring the smile on your face.

And having them for a whole day around you will definitely make your day starts with joy and end with full of happiness and relief in your eyes.

Colourful flowers and green plants add natural beauty to our living areas. They enhance the design and create a sense of comfort and luxury.

So, If you are one of them who want to feel fresh throughout the day, then flowers are one of the cheapest ways to buy happiness for you and your family.

3-Buy Cheap Furniture

Buy Cheap Furniture
It is very hard to design your home high-end looking especially when you have a limited budget for this. At this time there are various options regarding cheap furniture we can use to look at our home expensive.

Furniture makes your home look elegant and expensive. But furniture also costs you heavy. So the option we have is to buy second-hand furniture from a store, auction point, estate sales or any point you can buy cheap furniture from. You can find second- hand furniture ranging from couches, tables, chairs, dining table, and kitchen cabinets.
Cheap Furniture
Remember that when you buy second-hand furniture check the furniture handles, they must be installed properly, if they are not installing them properly from a furniture shop especially in case of kitchen cabinets.

If you have some old furniture laying in your store you can also make it renew that will not cost you much. After renewing the furniture add it at the perfect place in your home where it suites.

Next option to buy cheap furniture is to buy from a discount furniture store. There are various stores in the market that offer 30% or 40% off on furniture, that goes well, but keep in mind to check the furniture before buying it by visiting the store if not possible then read the reviews.


Lighting is considered a basic block of interior designing. Its intensity should correlate with the wall colours and space of the room. Low lights give out an uncomfortable and joyless emotion.

The suitable interior lighting for your home can change its whole look without moving a single bit of furniture.

Lighting plays a key role to set the appropriate atmosphere. Even most of the artists choose the lighting style before their stage performance.

Little concentration while lighting your home goes a long way in adding the perfect look for your home. Actually, it can alter the mood of a room and create an atmosphere that is suitable for the activities done in that particular room.

5-Add Crown Molding

Add Crown Molding
If your home walls are designed with old and traditional artwork, change them and consider some moulding with beautiful designs. It doesn’t need to have highly designed moulding by a designer you can select any simple moulding work to just add some beautiful look at your ceiling or walls.

Usually, when we try to update our home we consider furniture, artwork, flowers and paint color, whereas crown moulding is always overlooked. And it should not be as it adds up the beauty in rooms which paint and furniture cannot. Moulding is the most impactful way to update your house rooms.

Crown moulding is an architectural design that adds up visual interest to your home. This is not the only benefit to install moulding in your home, moulding also increases the resell value of your home.

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